Hola Chicas!

Many of you have emailed me about the size of my perm rods. The problem is, I’m not sure, lol. About 10 years ago my grandmother gave me her mother’s collection of hair things…clips, barrettes, and perm rods. I recently happened upon the rollers and tried them in place of the magnetic ones. It yields two different looks!

Here’s a look at my roller collection–larger magnetic rollers on the left, skinny perm rods on the right.

Twist-n-Curl with larger magnetic rollers. 20-25 twists.

Twist-n-Curl with yellow and blue perm rods (with the rubber band clasp). 8-12 twists.

Twist-n-Curl with the yellow and pink perm rods (with the plastic clasp). 8-12 twists.

I love the look of both…but after much experimentation, I’ve learned the pros and cons of each.

Magnetic Rollers:


  • Excellent for my ends– keeps them straighter and prevents tangling and single strand knots. Stretched out ends are much easier to apply Shea and other sealers and moisturizers to.
  • Fast and easy to roll
  • Cute and different
  • Easier to dry style– I can pull into a high or low pony tail or bun quickly


  • Two different hair textures (wavy versus loose curly) can be stark at times
  • Loose curls fall flat easier

Perm Rods:


  • Very natural looking
  • Super cute, chin length style–shows less length than the magnetic rollers
  • Stretched out to prevent excessive tangling (compared to a wash&go)


  • The ends are not as stretched out as with the magnetic rollers. They are much more prone to dryness, tangling, and splitting. My fine hair is fragile and seems to like a looser curl on the end.
  • Harder to pull into a ponytail or bun
  • Harder to roll (for me anyway!)