Wes' Less Than Favorable Products

It’s that time again curlies! The beautiful Wes of Honeybrownsugar is back on the ones and twos! Check out the list of products that she has permanently shelved.

Wes' Less Than Favorable Products
1. LustraSilk Cholesterol Conditioner: I think I had the worst results using this as a leave in for my hair. It left behind a dull, tacky residue (no shine at all) 🙁

2. Jane Carter Solution Twist and Shine: I had used this to help moisturize my ends in my twist outs, this did nothing but dry my hair out unfortunately.

3. Elasta QP Mango Butter: At first, I liked this stuff but after awhile I noticed that it wasn’t really doing anything for my hair. It sort of just “sat” there (no moisture, no sheen= nothing)

4. Bentonite Clay: Although this may be great for some, I found that clarifying my hair with a clarifying shampoo worked better for me (and a lot less of a hassle).

I always say everything doesn’t work everyone… So tell me, what works (or doesn’t work) for you?

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