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Curly Nikki

What Are You Doing to Your Hair Tonight?!

By January 27th, 202130 Comments

What Are You Doing to Your Hair Tonight?!
I’ll be leaving town for St. Louis, MO in the next couple of days. Tonight, I plan to do a moisturizing deep treatment with Pantene Relaxed and Natural Mask, and then proceed to Twist-n-Curl. I’m hoping that hair styled tonight, will last into next week. We’ll see!

So, what are your hair plans for tonight, or for the weekend?!

Later Gators,


  • Anonymous says:

    I will wash my hair with apple cider vinegar, then apply kimmaytube's leave-in conditioner using giovanni direct, then I will make some big twists for a twist and curl (using flexi-rods- i love them!)

  • momo7 says:


    I don't dye my hair but I do use coconut oil. I've found that sleeping with it can result in coconut oil spotted sheets/pillowcases if you don't use a towel over your pillow (or place a towel/towel turban over a satin scarf on your head).

    The only way to find out if pre-poo works better for you than mixing the coconut oil with your deep conditioner is to try it. For me, pre-poo is much better. Mixing the oil with my conditioner seems to mess up its chemistry for some reason. So, I guess you have to test both methods to determine which one you like more.

  • momo7 says:

    Something led me to check this post again (I don't know why lol). LMAO Andrea, thank you for pointing that out. I meant to say, "fluff in 'the' merntin" (the 't' on my keyboard has been skipping alot lately if I don't press hard enough) meaning fluff in the morning. I just take down the two braids, fluff and go.

  • Unknown says:

    I just co washed with V05 volume conditioner. Then flat twist the front and leave a puff or twist and curl in the back. My edges are hurtin from pulling my hair back everyday so it's time to perfect cornrows and flat twist. And I'm finally out of the TWA phase but a little past the in between length. It's growing ya!! 🙂

  • The Grad Student says:

    i styled yesterday, so I'm leaving my hair be for the next 2 days. Then washing and using hello hydrations and ampro styling gel for a wash and go curly bun.

  • Amina says:

    I am washing my hair with Karen's poo bar, then do a deep traitement with her luscious hair mask.
    For moisturizer, I am using Tucuma Hair Butter by Cioccolatina. It is simply divine!!

  • KyaDiva says:

    I have a question for gals who dye and use coconut oil? Did you notice that it causes your hair color to come out on your scarf/pillowcases. I normally massage some coconut oil in my hair in the AM before I'm out the door but the other night, I did it before I went to bed. I woke up with a ruined pillowcase and scarf(it never makes it the whole night). I hadn't dyed my hair recently, my hair wasn't wet, so I am thinking it was the oil. I'm also thinking because it is one of the few oils that actually penetrates the hair shaft that I should mix it in to all my deep conditioners and not use it to pre-poo with. What do y'all lovely ladies think?

  • Andrea says:

    momo- what is "Fluff in he mertin?"

  • Maguette says:

    Thats so funny, I did my Pantene Hair mask deep treatment earlier today, I guess I'll do a twist set with shea butter tonight, and take out the twists with coconut oil in the morning.

  • Raquell says:

    I too have problems doing my hair the night before so I will be cowashing my hair in the AM. I leave-in Pantene Pro-V Restoratives Frizz Control Conditioner, shea butter and almond oil; fluff into a curly afro; and let air dry all day. Tomorrow evening I'll do damp bantu knots and take them down Friday AM to sport a bigger fro for the weekend.

  • karibbee says:

    i am back from a run so plan to use the excuse of a very sweaty scalp to do a cassia overnight treatment. it lightened my hair last time and I'm hoping it will repeat that magic.

  • momo7 says:

    After workin' out, I plan on placing some virgin coconut oil in my hair (I have about 3 day hair now) and putting it into two plaits….tie it up with a scarf and go to sleep. Fluff in he merntin. My hair thrives from simplicity and it has grown sooo much.

  • Shayla Simmons says:

    My routine is super simple in these last few weeks before the bar exam: co-wash with garnier fructis sleek and shine, cantu shea butter leave in conditioner, seal ends with coconut oil, more garnier fructis for style – which will be two cornrows until my hair is completely dry… which probably won't be until Friday… then I rock my curly braid out!

  • KristytheDAWN says:

    I just got through gently scratching my scalp and then oiled & massaged my scalp with an oil mix of Castor, Emu & Jojoba. Tonight I will co-wash and do twists with Jessicurl Aloeba Daily Conditioner, Jessicurl Weekly Deep Conditioning Treatment and my Shea butter mix in preparation for my side bun.

  • Anonymous says:

    Put on my satin bonnet and pray that my twistout will last through tomorrow

  • Libra08 says:

    This weekend I'm just going to cowash, dc, and do a twistncurl. There's a possible chance a henna gloss will be thrown in there somewhere.

    Hey CurlyNikki what conditioners are you using to style your t-n-c this weekend?

  • Marsha (BrownFace) says:

    I actually am rocking a fro for the first time I think since last year?? I really have been glued to protective styles for the past year (due to being laid off and nothing to do), but I am gonna break out of it and am gonna have some fun with the FRO!! So tonight I am going to just put some big twists in, using SheaMoisture Leave-In, so I can continue to sport this huge FRO tomorrow. Watch out, now!!

  • luvleelox says:

    I may henna this weekend…visited little Indian when I was in Berkeley a few weeks back and bought some all natural Henna with Alma and shikakai from a little shop…however I just did a baking soda treatment yesterday and LOVE the results so I may hold of on the Henna

  • Unknown says:

    I did my first bun on Monday and it's lasted pretty well. I did a great twist n curl on Sunday, but the products I used left all these flakes in my hair mon morning, so in a rush I did my first sock bun!I might wash and twist n curl again tonight, I just gotta remember to not use so much gel 🙁

  • Carmel Stacks says:

    My hair days are Thurs and Sundays so tonight I'll just be applying my leave in then doing the Dr. Akbari twist and tuck curly afro thingy.

  • Anonymous says:

    I did my treatment & deep condition on Monday and twisted. I took my twists out today they look good but some areas are not as soft so I will probably spritz hair and retwist with Hairveda whipped jelly.

  • Anonymous says:

    Tonight I am going to experiment with a product I read about on LHCF – coconut butter! It mixes the flesh of the coconut with the inner goodness. I am going to DC with that and possibly add some more coco milk (got extra in the fridge) or some cocoa powder or some hibiscus powder. Then I am going to do two-strand twists tonight and let them loose in the morning. I hope it lasts till sunday because I am travelling as well this weekend.

  • Anonymous says:

    I will probably do a co-wash and maybe a DC treatment. Then proceed to shingle my hair with Miss Jessie's Curly Meringue. The weather has been horrible here in Jacksonville a lot rain, so I don't want to waste time doing a twist out because it won't last.

    Quick question… I've been seeing a lot of natural sisters in photos wearing scarf’s as an accessory on their head. Where do you purchase them and how do you wrap them on your head?

  • Anonymous says:

    I would like to get the twist and curl right once and for all…haven't had any luck. I may deep condition…or maybe sleep in some henna. My last henna treatment was so darn messy I dunno about that. i finally got enough hair to pull straight back in a pony so I'm excited.
    GO ME!! LOL


  • Anonymous says:

    I hate having to do my hair mid-week but I always wait until it's absolutely necessary. So, tonight I will be doing a cleansing/conditioning routine with Ojon followed by aphogee leave in and Jamaican Black Castor Oil rub down (love it). Then either a series of large braids or twists to dry my transitioning hair. However, I'll be doing different bun variations throughout the week. TOO hot to wear hair down…I don't know how yall do it!

  • KeetaRay says:

    Tonight I plan on doing a DC, then twisting it up with my shea butter moisturizer and letting it air dry (as usual). So easy, I love it! So does my hair.

  • Alicia says:

    People really do their hair mid-week? How do you ladies have the time?? lol. I have to wait until Saturday to wash and DC my hair. Then I'll probably do a twist-out.

  • Anonymous says:

    tonight I'll be taking out kinky twists. I'll deep condition then do a lot of brushing to get a ponytail since most of my hair is still relaxed. However, my new growth is massive.

  • A. Spence says:

    Tonight will be condition and 2 strand twist or bantu knots. I hadn't decided.

  • Miss Dior says:

    I will be doing a Henna Treat followed by my Deep Treat with HH Reconditioning. I will then be putting my hair into two-strand twists. I wear it until it starts looking ratty then I will but it into a smooth bun.

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