Hola Chicas,

Joane has chosen the winner of the KCCC Giveaway! In total, we received 92 haikus (the ones that were sent directly to my email were sent off to Joane as well). I’m not sure, but we must have set a world record, LOL– ‘Most Haikus about Natural Hair’

The competition was stiff, and Joane definitely had her work cut out for her. In the end, a clear winner emerged:

Starlah B

Black Cotton Meadow
Onyx Cloud of Liberty
Crown of My Glory

Since we had so many wonderful submissions, I asked Joane to select two runner ups:

A. Spence

The two runner ups will receive a product out of my personal stash! Please send your contact info to [email protected]

Thanks again for your pariticpation ladies and stay tuned 😀