Remember my What the Hell post, from last month? A natural friend of mine called me a couple of nights ago to share that NPR was covering the story. Check it out.

From NPR on August 4th:

Hair is a tricky issue for many black women — and always has been.

A YouTube video showing a young African-American girl having her “nappy” hair brutally combed is sparking a heated debate over parenting styles when it comes to black hair care.

Tell Me More regular parenting contributor Dani Tucker is joined by Teresa Wiltz, who recently wrote about the issue for, and Susan Pettiford, a salon owner who specializes in black natural hair styles. The women offer thoughts on the hair combing video and whether it amounts to child abuse, and they debate whether — even after years of emphasis on black self-awareness and celebration of black aesthetics — hair grooming is still a painful, or brutal, experience for too many young women of color.

Click HERE to listen to the story.

For those of you that missed the original post (and the video) on, click HERE.