Hola Chicas!

So…I’m running late today, because my hair is acting up! I was ‘supposed’ to re-style last night, but I didn’t feel like it, and had to deal with the consequences this morning. I slept with it in a high pony, and when I pulled it down today, it was flat and frizzy on one side, but still full in the back. I knew that in order to rock it without a hat or scarf, I had to pull it back somehow.

I tried a simple headband, but wasn’t feeling it. I also tried a high pony…wasn’t feeling it. I tried a puff…wasn’t feeling it. Finally, I decided to pull it all over to one side:

Kinda cute…totally 80’s…maybe for the club…not for the staff meeting I’m attending today ;~) I found out from a colleague recently that I’m known as ‘that girl with the funky clothes and cool hair’, lol. Definitely taken as a compliment, but I feel that the faux hawk might attract even more attention!

I love the look of the half-up/half-down style, but hate how tight the claw clip or ponytail holder pulls the top half. I decided to do a faux half-up/half-down, by securing the top half with 6 bobby pins. The end result is fuller! Now, only the full, non-frizzy portions of my hair are exposed 🙂