Tousle Me Softly Finishing Cream- 7.6oz/$6.00

Product Description:
It takes two to tousle—so i tousle two ways! i give damp hair a smooth start for a soft, messy-hair look. then put me to work on dry, styled hair to calm anxious fly-aways and touch up tousles throughout the day. and if you really want to tousle it up, first get a good base with my mousse or spray gel.


My Experience: Ummmm….yeahhhh…..not feeling it. I honestly can’t even give it a fair review because it never dried, lol! I had a moment of PJism while grocery shopping the other day, and wandered over to the beauty section. I’ve never seen this line in stores so I was naturally curious ;~) After reading the description, I concluded that it was a worth a shot. I wasn’t impressed by the ingredient list, but HE products usually treat me nicely.
After co-washing, detangling, rinsing, and applying DevaCare One as a leave-in, I stepped out of the shower and divided my hair into four. I applied a dime sized amount of the finishing cream to the back left section and it immediately curdled…ewwww! It did not play nice with the DevaCare. I carefully rinsed that section out, which took forever (it was ridiculously gritty and sticky), and applied Matrix Biolage Balm to the section before trying the finishing cream for a second time. It curdled again! I rinsed another time, and tried the finishing cream alone. It defined my wavy curls nicely, but felt gunky and sticky. I gave up, and rinsed the mess out for good.
It smelled great like all HE products, and the consistency was thick like a conditioner but somewhat sticky like a gel. I could actually dig the consistency, but the curdling…not a good look.

Bottom Line: Not for me. If I was a betting woman, I’d guess that my hair would’ve dried stiff and dull. This is another product that will sit under my sink collecting dust.

Anyone tried it and liked it?!