The lovely Jasmine J shares her routine and natural hair tips with the community. Check her out:

CN: How long have you been natural?

Jasmine: I’ve been natural for 3 years. I LOVE IT!!.

CN: What is your regimen?

Jasmine: Shampoo every two weeks, condition when needed. I keep my hair moisturized with leave-in conditioners and a product called “Wave by Design”.

CN: What is the one thing you’d tell a newbie to help her on her journey?

Jasmine: DO NOT flat iron a lot while in transition because it will break off your hair badly…. do styles that require less maintenance such as twists and flexi-rod sets.

CN: How do you maintain length?

Jasmine: I get my ends trimmed and I give my hair conditioning treatments and do lots of “off the shoulder” styles.

CN: What do you do to your hair at night to preserve your curls?

Jasmine: Actually, I do nothing but sleep on a satin pillow. Bonnets always smash my hair.. I’m a wild sleeper!

What’s the best thing about being naturally glamorous?!

Jasmine: You have so many choices for styles… no one look is the same and you learn to love the NATURAL YOU!!