Mane 'N Tail Conditioner Review

Mane 'N Tail Conditioner Review

Product Description: The Original Mane ‘n Tail Conditioner is an exclusive highly concentrated formula with unique actions that helps to maintain and achieve a longer, healthier looking mane and tail.

• Nourishes and conditions hair and skin to aid healthy hair growth leaving a lustrous, silky look
• Conditions and strengthens, preventing breakage of hair
• Moisturizes to help eliminate itching and scaling caused by common external irritants
• Protects against damage from sun and wind
• Keeps hair tangle free, soft and manageable for grooming and braiding.

Ingredients:Water , Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine Lactate , Distearyldimonium Chloride , Stearyl Alcohol , Emulsifying Wax NF , Cetyl Alcohol , Coconut Oil , Glycerin , Sodium Chloride , Vegetable Oil , Fragrance , Hydrolyzed Protein , Lanolin , Phenoxyethanol , Methylparaben , Propylparaben , FD&C Yellow #5

My Experience: Right…so I was at Sally’s picking up some gloves to do a henna treatment, when my PJ got the best of me. After dropping the gloves in my basket, I scanned the aisles for a new conditioner to try. Nearly every one I picked up had cones, protein, mineral oil or all three–atrocious. I was truly frustrated. I finally happened upon Mane ‘N Tail on the bottom shelf in the back corner of the store. I’ve heard of it before, and have even seen the bottle, but never picked it up. After reading the ingredients, I took the plunge, and used it to detangle that evening prior to applying henna.
It has a pleasant, clean fragrance, and went on very smooth. It’s consistency and color is similar to Generic Value Paul Mitchell the Detangler (Sally’s), and at first glance, appeared very promising! I let it sit while I showered, and quickly came to the realization that it was a BUST! I couldn’t get my fingers through my hair–it felt even more tangled, and incredibly hard. I rinsed it out, and loaded up with my faithful Herbal Essence 🙂 The M&T was lacking my favorite detangling agent Behentrimonium Methosulfate and contained a bit of protein…I should’ve known better!

Bottom Line: Never again. I returned that mess yeterday and bought some lip gloss 🙂