Actress. Poet. Artist. Radio Personality. Writer. MTV VJ. Recording Artist. CURLY!

The beautiful and talented Amanda Diva wears many hats…all of them well! I saw her on VH1’s 100 Greatest One Hit Wonders of the 80s, and fell in love with her style, and curly locks. Not too long after that, I caught up with her and asked if she’d like to share some hair care tips with the lovely community. She obliged :~)

CN: We all have a story to tell. Tell us yours…
AD: I’ve always worn my hair natural but I definitely remember the days of my mom having to TACKLE my hair in order to get a comb through it. I spent many a Saturday with my mom trying all types of sprays, hair lotions, hot oils, blow dryer combs etc. to get my hair more manageable. By high school I gave in to just rocking it curly but it’s like the front of my hair is a completely different texture than the back, so I could never slick it back. On a school trip a friend permed just the bang and that was my routine until last year when I grew it out and now I just wear it however. Lol, I’ve let it go!

CN: What’s your current routine?
AD: Well like I stated before, I’m on the “low maintenance” routine! I always get my hair braided when I go to Grenada so I don’t have to fuss with it. I had a show with Qtip the night I came back, and on the plane ride home I was taking the braids out and thought it might be funky to leave some in. That ended up sparking my current 1/4 braid steez. Its SO easy man. Because the hair goes naturally to the side it doesn’t take more than some water and Optimum Scalp Healer to keep it curly and full. When I’m REALLY in chill mode (like painting at an event) I put it up in a high bun and just rock the bang out and to the side. I’m a 80’s/90’s chick so it fits my styleee.
CN:If you were stranded on an island, what two products would you need to preserve your sexy?!


CN: Do you feel that your natural hair has ever helped or hindered your chances of achieving specific career goals?
AD: I think it’s helped more than hindered because people associate natural hair with a conscious mind and down to earth vibe. It’s not always the case but in my case they’re correct. Also I think my hair stands out as a part of my personality and brand so that’s definitely a good thing. Originality is tough to achieve out here.
CN: What advice would you give to a natural newbie?
AD: Be creative! I think at first some think because their hair is curly the options are less in the way of different style options but I think with some creativity it can be just as versatile.
CN: Who’s your natural hair idol?
AD: Lol, scary spice. When I was in HS seeing her rock the curly fro made me feel cool rockin mine. (Geek status, I know!)
CN: Where do you see yourself in a few years?
AD: I would like to be a household name for the 21-35 demographic in the way of music and social commentary.
CN: Anything else you’d like to add?
AD: However you choose to rock your hair just know that its what makes YOU happy. Some folks feel perms mean you’ve been bamboozled or hoodwinked and that naturals and locks are indicative of righteousness. Fact is Andre 3000 said it best, “is every ni**a with dreads for the cause? Is every ni**a with golds for the fall naw, so don’t get caught up in appearance…”. 🙂

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