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Curly Nikki

Sebastian Wet

By January 27th, 202118 Comments

Sebastian Wet

Description: Liquid Gel for a form fitting Hold. Drenches hairs fiber, creating a sleek look. Flawless, with every hair in place.

Ingredients: Water, Polyquaternium-11, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Panthenol, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Steapyrium Chloride, PPG-5-Ceteth 20, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Citric Acid, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance

My Experience: Interesting stuff. I used Wet during my Wash&Go days. I liked it for a little while, but it dried me out something fierce–probably all the protein? My silly self was trying to figure out why it gave me stringy, ramen noodle type curls…it’s called Wet for a reason! The purpose is to give you a wet look…like you just came in from out of the rain. Definitely NOT for our hair type, lol.
Too much of this liquidy gel (just a bit thicker than water, with a sugary sweet fragrance) can get sticky and gooey. It’s impossible to co-wash out, and thus you’d need to shampoo more often. It gives EXCELLENT definition while wet, but dries poofy, slightly frizzy and less defined. Zero humidity protection.

Bottom Line: If for some odd reason you desire a wet look, then Sebastian Wet is for you! If not, I’d keep looking 🙂


  • Tina says:

    This is the best product if you wear your hair curly. It’s not just for the wet look. Once it dries on your hair, you scrunch your curls to get out the stiffness, and your curls stay in place. It leaves your hair soft and smooth with a natural look. This product should not only be promoted for the wet look. It’s great especially if you don’t wash your hair every day because it does not leave a residue in your hair. Love, love, loved it.

  • Talibah says:

    I love this product. I use the generic from Sally beauty! My natural curly hair gets volume frizz free and soft! Sebastian makes potion 9 very good hair treatment. . cellophanes are great as well. a curly girls best friend. Weird how they don't advertise the good stuff. They come out with new stuff that makes things worse. We live and learn, We need to learn and then live!

  • Anonymous says:

    for the natural black hair… you add a moisturizer to you hair while wet, and then you add on the sebastian wet. you must use some type on moisturizer before addng the sebastian wet, this helps alot!

  • Anonymous says:

    Tell me where you sell WET in Ohio – I will go there – I love WET!

  • Anonymous says:

    were vcan i but sebastian wet?

  • Anonymous says:

    I have thick curly somewhat course hair, and usually unless I put gel or pomade in it, my hair will frizz out into a giant puff. The Shielo Antioxidant Leave In Protectant isn't too heavy at all, neither does it get sticky or flaky after application. if your hair is wet and you put some into your hair and let it dry you can get the "wet look" that gels provide, if your hair is damp and you put it in you can get tameness of frizz that pomades give. if you put it on dry hair then you get the definition and "piece-iness" that waxes give.

  • Stacye says:

    OMG I just left this at Marshall's today. I was interested with the idea that it would make my hair look the way it does wet. Thanks for the heads up. I got a Kimble shea butter treatment and healthly sexy hair pumpkin leave in instead. Hope they work well!

  • Anonymous says:

    This product works for me. They key is to use as little as possible and to work it through the hair by raking with your fingers. I was worried about the ingredients as well, so I also put coconut oil and/or kinky-curly leave in conditioner over my freshly co-washed hair as a means to "armor" it from the harsh ingredients (I don't know if this makes a difference or not, but I do it anyway.) I only use it sparingly, because it is a gel.

  • Anonymous says:

    When I first went natural, one of my friends gave me this and I'll have to agree with the review. Although it did give me lots of definition, it left my hair really hard. ~KF519

  • Martha says:

    My stylist recommended this to me as well! I used it and it was beautiful when my hair was wet, I was excited about the dry results! But alas, the results weren't as I expected… I was thinking of re-trying it, but I guess not! Thanks for saving me!

  • Anonymous says:

    I used to use this back in the day, it has been around for ages. Interesting is also a good word to describe it.. I there were no other products left in the world, I think I may use it again ;O)

  • Tiffany says:

    Huh. A few people recommended that stuff to me when I had big hair. I could never find it in brick and mortar stores, so I passed. Glad I did. The wet noodle look isn't flattering on me.

  • Media Moll says:

    Wow this brought me back to 1995. My mother recommended this to me after someone with a short curly style said she used it. It did nothing to my hair when I had a TWA. Very little definition, I used Let's Jam or something similar instead. I hated this stuff.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hum, in my part of the country which is Houston, Texas – Wet has been discontinued.

  • Suburbanbushbabe says:

    I recently tried Sebastian Stylixir and that dried out my hair. Funny about those Sebastial products. Penetraitt was the product that led to my protein sensitivity.

  • Anonymous says:

    thanks nikki now i dont have to waste my money. someone recommended that product but i was worried about the ingredients .

  • Lee says:

    When I was unknowingly texlaxing and I wanted the curly look this worked for me… It was a little crunchy but I would put some moisturizer in once it dried and fluff it.

  • ash says:

    Thank you for reviewing this product. My former hairstylist recommended this product for me when I first went natural. I'm so glad that I didn't take her advice.

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