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Curly Nikki

Back Into Time with Wes!

By January 27th, 202121 Comments
The beautiful Wes of HBS is back, and guiding us down memory lane!

Back Into Time with Wes!

Back Into Time…

This is me circa 11th grade- I was always known to have some sort of unique, funky hairstyle. This style AND look I stole from Aaliyah’s “Are You That Somebody” video. I think I used rollers for the curls…

When I think back, I used SO many different styling products, most of which I don’t use any more:

– Jam
– Pre-Con styling gel (they don’t really make it any more, but this was a really good gel for setting dry hair on rollers!)
– Live hair dressing
– Vitapointe hair dressing
– Isoplus Hot Curl Spritz

What products did you use in high school?


  • Poohbear0215 says:

    Motions Products, Elasta QP Products, and various greases.

  • Anonymous says:

    found the Pre-Con Styling gel online at

  • DestinationCurly says:

    Sigh.. those high school dayz! Well, I was trying SO many different products, I'm not sure where to start! lol! I think my staples were Olive Oil, the legendary Pink Oil Moisturizer, Lottabody setting lotion, Isoplus Sheen Spray, Isoplus castor oil for my scalp and I think that was it. Oh Yeah, I think you pulled off the Aaliyah look perfectly! RIP BabyGirl!

  • Cho Kawaii says:

    i used that protein brown gel in the jumbo jar for 1.99! yuck! I would never use that now
    lots of pink oil moisturizer
    infusium 23 leave in
    tcb grease — religiously
    and hairspray/spritz. the harder the hair the better.

  • Anonymous says:

    @ BEAUTIQUE LOL at bacon!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    haha, the minute I saw this photo I thought: Aaliyah! And as I read your commentary, I have to agree…that look is very "Are You That Somebody". Anyway, I used All Ways Indian Hemp pomade and Soft Sheen Carson's Breakthru (discontinued). I washed w/ Nexxus' Therapee and conditioned with Humectress

  • Mae says:

    Jam was definitely on the top of my list! Used to apply it to get rid of the "beadie-beads" when I was due for a perm, lol! Glad that phase is over : )

  • caribbeanchic says:

    Jettimae, me too! I remember piling on Luster's pink oil moisturizer every chance i got. my Mummy swore by it for us. By form 6 i had shaved my hair low, though, so it was just TCB curl activator at that point 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    B&B Super Gro(green kind). It never made my hair grow, but it was a light grease in both smell and texture. My mom and sis still use it.

    Isoplus Oil Sheen. This kept my doobie/wrap tight and so shiny.

    If my hair was actually in an updo I used brown gel. That was very rare. I pretty much wore a wrap every day.

  • Milan says:

    I used the TCB Naturals: shampoo, condish n hair grease, Infusium 23 leave in, Motions hair lotion, Lusters Pink glosser spray. I probably use Jam too to slick back my edges for buns.

  • Pickles says:

    Wow, high school was such a long time ago. I think I used some of my Dad's Afro Sheen and water to set my hair on rollers with a little of the Lottabody setting lotion or something. My mom still relaxed my hair through high school with Gentle Treatment box perm. Pink Oil Moisterizer was always around.

  • A_curly_Diva says:

    Grease Grease and more Grease. Whatever I could get my hands on to Greaseeeeeeeeee my scalp. Oh the petroleum!!!

  • Urban Homeschoolers Of Columbus says:

    Mine used to be ISO-plus gel (the brown kind) and Pump It Up. That stuff could freeze some hair. I remember I had so much Pump it Up in my hair a boy said it looked like bacon.

  • Wes says:

    @GG: Yep! That's the one, every time I smell it I have flashbacks of my mom detangling my tender-headed hair 🙁

  • SuNni says:

    I remember wanting my pressed hair to flow just like Aaliyah's. What a style icon 🙂

    I did faithfully use Pink Oil Moisturizer to try and tame my think hair. Oh do I miss hair pretty my hair use to be. Oh well, Im working on it now.

    Till this day my mom still tries to use it on my daughter.

  • Anonymous says:

    some type of loud smelling oil sheen–(I think the one in the red can) that could have probably killed bugs with all those fumes. also lots of spritz.

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow… I don't think they had Pink Oil Moisturizer when I was in high school… heehee!

    Anyway, the products I remember are as follows:

    – Afro sheen (for shine!)
    – Blue Magic
    – Bergamot! The green stuff…I always thought that smelled so good!!
    – And for that "recipe" to slick the edges or any other fly-aways down…. *drumroll…just add a little water to either of the above and smooooooooooth!!! lol

  • R3 Body Method says:

    In high school a stylist recommended the At One line to me and it actually helped my hair. It probably was steps up to whatever I was using before.

  • KeetaRay says:

    Haa!! That style is so cute, I've had similar "back in the day"! 😉
    Hmm… In high school I LOVED Luster's Pink Hair Lotion and the Cream Hairdress, I also dabbled in some Jam, Isoplus Oil Sheen, and Liv Hair Cream.

  • GG says:

    I love it! Aaliyah was my biggest style icon in high school. I never could wear my hair the same for more than a few days either. My fave products back then were:

    – Liv hair dressing (I still use this for my edges! the one in the white jar with red writing, right?!)
    – Pink Oil Moisturizer
    – Jam
    – Isoplus oil sheen
    – Spritz, spritz and more spritz any kind
    – Infusium 23
    – Mane and Tail leave-in conditioner
    – Good old Blue Magic

  • jettiemae says:

    I can't remember all of the products I used to use in high school, but my #1 main staple was… Pink Oil Moisturizer!!!! What?! Okay!! I used to looooove that stuff, ya' hear me? Today I wouldn't touch it with a 10-foot pole, but back in the day that was my joint!!! LOL!

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