Remember the gorgeous Moniero? Well, she responded to the 4a/b/c All Call with a quick and easy braidout tutorial! Check her out:

It’s me again……my signature style has to be the braidout. I swear by it, and it helps stretch my hair tremendously. Here are my steps:

1st….Divide the hair into 4 sections.

2nd…Co-Wash with Hello Hydration.

3rd…Deep condition with Neutrogena Triple Moisture (Note: The conditioner already contains Olive Oil and Sweet Almond Oil, but I add extra of each.)

4th…Rinse the hair and then add JessiCurl Weekly Deep Conditioning Treatment (loves this stuff).

5th…In each section I do about 3 or 4 braids (Note: In the front I always braid towards my face….it allows me to shape my braidout to fit my face).

6th…After my hair is completely dry, I apply Olive Oil to each braid.

I try to rebraid my hair daily, but when I am lazy 4 ponytails will do. I have attached some of my favorite braidout pictures. These are from the end of July and right after a henna treatment.

Hope this helps!

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