The FAQ below was originally posted in March of this year. I thought I’d bring it out of hiding with Fall approaching–changing seasons always bring about new found motivation, right?!

Anyway, since posting this in March, and reading your comments in July, I’ve implemented a new workout routine and eating regimen. I’m not trying to lose weight, so I do moderate cardio 3 days a week (Wed., Fri., Sun. on the treadmill), and light toning (free weights and ball) nearly every day. This routine works out for my beauty (hair!) rituals too in that I do my hair on Sunday afternoons, and the set looks great through Wednesday, when I pull it up and start hitting the treadmill.

A sneak peak into my diet would reveal:


  • Bob’s Red Mill 5 Grain Rolled Whole Grain Oats (I love the texture of this oatmeal!) flavored with Organic Apple Butter
  • Fruit (usually a banana, or kiwi…lately Pomegranate arils!)


  • Almond Breeze (unsweetened)Almond milk with a bowl of high fiber cereal and fruit


  • Chicken breast sandwich, or (boneless, skinless) chicken thigh salad, or cold cut sandwich, or chicken stuffed pita, or Healthy Choice soup, or leftovers from the night before
  • Baked Lays or pretzels


  • Lean meat prepared on the Foreman (salmon, chicken, beef, hell even pork, LOL, I love meat!
  • Frozen veggies and brown rice

The above dinner only happens once or twice a week. I usually end up eating out at a Sushi or Indian spot. I also do frozen meals from time to time. My favorite at the moment–Ethnic Gourmet’s Chicken Tikka Masala. If you’re a connoisseur of Indian food, you must try this dish! I’ve been eyeing it for a while, and decided to buy it a few days ago. It smelled delicious while it cooked but all (bland) frozen meals do. EVERYTHING about it was perfect–the sauce, white meat chicken, and rice. There are no additives or artificial ingredients, and it is minimally processed. Yesterday, I went to my fav Indian restaurant and bought naan, and samosas to go with it!

I eat several of the following in between meals: fruit, pumpkin seeds, Craisins, Stretch Island Fruit (the best fruit snack at the store–no additives, sugar comes from real fruit!), organic jerky, Kashi bfast bars, dark chocolate squares, ginger snaps, yogurt, hummus and pita or fresh veggies. And on occasion, I’ll have a half cup of cookies and cream ice cream!!

Lots of water, herbal teas, and green tea.

I do my best to stick to the above menu items. I fall off the wagon at least once a week and stop at Wendy’s…sometimes Bojangles too…hey, it’s a work in progress and definitely better than where I was last March!

Please list your favorite healthy meal ideas and exercise routines. We’ve gotta keep our bodies looking as tight as our hair! Your comment may inspire the next curly 🙂


I’ve looked around your site pretty extensively but I haven’t seen any articles discussing exercise and natural hair. I work 3 jobs, go to school, and hit the gym 5 days a week. I have to get in that gym visit whenever I can and of course it messes up any hair-do I may have been wearing or any hair-do that I may have been anticipating. Do you or any of your followers have information that might make this whole thing easier? Any ideas would be appreciated.

Thank you,

I’m the last person you’d find at the gym. To be honest, I hate to sweat. I know that sounds crazy…and it is 🙂 But its very true! To combat my unwillingness to workout, I do my best to eat healthy (I’m doing really good with this), and walk when I can (I park my car far away from entrances to grocery stores and malls).

I impulsively bought a treadmill last year and used it for several months. I’d walk (not jog or run, lol) 3 miles, 5 days a week. To prevent sweating out a style, I’d wear my hair in a high bun, and let it loose on the weekends. This worked out well, and grew my hair out quite a bit! But of course, that got old, and now my treadmill sits folded up in the corner of my bedroom collecting dust. The 5 day bun routine proved convenient, and if I got too sweaty, I’d take the bun down, water rinse, and throw it back up there 🙂

I’m opening this question up to the comments of others. Help her out!