Ishea writes:

Recently I was debating whether or not to straighten my 2 month transitioning hair for a date or go with my new obsession – – the twist out. When speaking with a guy friend he told me that “straight hair is the ish”, and without straight hair, I “probably wouldn’t find a man”. Since I just started transitioning this led me to debate whether straight hair was still the preferred “go to” for a date or when meeting someone for the first time. I’m sure other natural or newly natural women have experienced this debate. This definitely made me go hhmmmmm……

CurlyNikki writes:

Do you straighten for special occasions, for a first date, or when meeting someone for the first time?

I did for about 2 years into my natural journey. Until one day I asked my self, ‘Self, why the hell is my hair good enough to wear everyday, but not good enough for _______ (e.g. church, weddings, banquets, work events). It was as is if I didn’t think it was ‘dressy’ enough. Go figure.

Weigh in ladies!