Ya’ll asked for it, and she obliged 🙂 Ms. Donita, is back and she’s dishing on her styling routine, fav products, and experiences being a naturally glam diva!

CN: How long have you been natural?

Donita: I’m in my 6th month. I have appreciated every step of this journey. There were some peaks and valleys, but all valuable experiences.

CN: What is your regimen?
Donita: I let my hair and schedule guide as far as my regimen is concerned. I don’t necessarily co-wash on Thursdays or any particular day. Typically, I end up co-washing one to two days a week. I co-wash with Oyin Honey Hemp Conditioner and use Oyin shea butter mixed with a little Lottabody setting lotion to twist. If I don’t use the setting lotion, my hair is too soft and won’t show much kink definition. I normally curl the ends with perm rods. I try not to sit under the dryer because I can’t stand it. Therefore I try to set my hair by 8:00pm in order to be dry for work the next morning. Once the twist are dry I apply a small amount of coconut oil all over my hair to give it a little shine.

I have also done three henna applications. I think my hair likes it. I’m not quite sure. I plan on ordering more of the Jamila Henna (Thanks Nikki) and doing another application by the end of the month. I’m all for natural products!

CN: What is the one thing you’d tell a newbie to help her on her journey?
Donita: Stay away from heat until your hair gets used to being natural. Also, learn your hair and love it for whatever it is. Attempting to achieve healthy hair is the main goal. Also, stay away from hair comparing. Do you!

CN: What do you do to your hair at night to preserve your curls?
Donita: If I set my hair I sleep with a satin do rag over my twist and sometimes rollers. My head is big and tough so I don’t have any problems with the rollers smashing into my head. Other than that, I wear a satin bonnet. I refresh my kinks whenever, but re-twisting.

CN: What’s the best thing about being naturally glamorous?!
Donita: It’s great to feel unique and special just the way God made you.

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