Hola Chicas!

Many of you have asked to see exactly how many twists I do for the Twist-n-Curl (it has changed since the video last year), and exactly where I place them. So, here you go!

Yesterday, I used my old faithful routine–detangled with Herbal Essence Totally Twisted conditioner using fingers only, and styled with DevaCare One Condition and Devacurl Set it Free. It took me 30 minutes to condition and detangle, and 15 to twist. My hair dried over night, and I took it down and fluffed this morning…on camera πŸ™‚

I divide my hair in half, and do 5 twists per side. I have a hard time twisting in the back of my head, so it usually takes a lot of fluffing to hide the part and flatness in the back.

Per side- two twists in the back, one twist above my ear, and two in the front (one framing my face, and one at the crown.

The Take Down– Twists removed but not fluffed

Fluffed hair– I’m going to make another video soon on how I fluff. I don’t really split the curls in half…I just gently run my fingers from the the root down toward the curl (but stop before getting to the ends). This action separates and adds volume without causing frizz.

There you have it folks! I’m feeling the 10 twists, rod roller look…the only drawback is that it takes MUCH longer to dry. The paper towel dabbing trick worked wonders again yesterday, and I woke up to 95% dry hair.

Later Gators,