Wes' Worst Hair Moment in History

Wes' Worst Hair Moment in HistoryIt’s that time again curlies! The beautiful Wes of Honeybrownsugar is back on the ones and twos! Check out her Worst Hair Moment EVER…then head over to her site to read about mine!

During my college years, I did soooo much to my poor strands- from relaxing to bleaching- you name it. It’s still amazing that my hair is still in tact and on my head! My worst moment ever was probably when I attempted to “highlight” my OWN hair. I had purchased the African Pride highlight kit (it had just came out) from Walmart. I put on the cap (with the pinholes in it) and had my roommate pull the hair through the cap (which hurt like HELL). Afterwards, I applied the bleach mixture to the hair that had been pulled through. After letting it penetrate for probably 30-45 minutes, we ran upstairs to rinse it out in our dorm’s laundry room sink!
Thank God I still had all of my hair but my texture had changed drastically. It was stiff, dry and felt like hay (and NO, I didn’t deep condition afterwards :-O , I think I blow dried and flat ironed :-O ). This was also during a period in my life when I was using Optimum’s Super Strength relaxer…
I don’t know what was wrong with me back then… *smh*

What has been your worst hair moment in history?