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Curly Nikki

CurlyNikki Celebration–Day 1

By January 27th, 202127 Comments

Morning Curlies!

What’s it like in your neck of the woods? It’s rainy and dreary here, and unfortunately I’ve managed to catch a cold ๐Ÿ™ Although I did henna (for the first time since August), I didn’t feel like pulling the Curlformers out…please don’t be mad! I’ll wrestle with them next weekend.

As promised, today, we’re kicking off the b-day week!

Today, your participation will be a gift to me, and to your natural friends (and/or natural unsuspecting strangers!):

Show your support for by spreading the word! Tweet it, facebook it, myspace it, blog about it, phone a friend, hell, approach a stranger on the subway! Leave a comment detailing how you spread the word…the most creative curly will receive a jar of Oyin Shine and Define out of my personal stash!

Later Gators,

*Check out Tuesday-Friday’s challenges HERE.


  • Carolyn says:

    Congratulations and happy first bloggerversary to you! I've been a long time lurker on the site and absolutely adore the sisterhood.

    So, in honor of you, I sent out e-vites to all my friends near and far inviting them to an impromptu HENNA HEADS celebration this Friday night. At the party each guest will have their hands henna'd and those willing to take the plunge will be gifted a henna hair session with moi. I've also asked each of the guest to send the link to as many people as possible. The person with the most tweets, e-mails, etc. wins a micro heat cap, green tea and Herbal Essences Hello Hydration.

    Just trying to pay it forward for all the love I feel on this site.


  • Maguette says:

    Hi Nikki! Happy Bloggerversary!!! Your site has truly made me a happy natural! It gave me the motivation to BC and the inspiration to TnC. I've been telling the world about your site since my transition days, from my cousins in France and Senegal, to my neighbors, co-workers and random people in the streets of Harlem who ask hair questions. When I finish doing someone's hair, or finish giving them info, I'll remind them to go to your site so that they don't keep calling me for the same information they can get for themselves on!

    I truly appreciate all the effort you put into giving us accurate information, down to the quarter sized amount of product to apply into one section of hair! I wish you continued success and we'll keep doing our part and spreading the word about!

  • Unknown says:

    Hiiiii CurlyNikki! Congrats and happy birthday! Besides telling everyone in sight (natural or not lol) about your great site, we've featured you on ours! Feel free to check it out! Thanks so much for your inspiration and we wish you the best! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ivey says:

    Happy B-day CurlyNikki!!!
    Well, I work at a cosmetic store, and any time I speak with a 'naturally curly' sista ;), I ask her if she is familiar with the site. If not, I always inform her of the site and what I've learned through it! Not just on your b-day do I show support! I'm here in NC too. Must be close 2 u cause it's been rainy since yesterday. Not the best weather 4 my hair…

  • Leslie says:

    Hi Nicki!!!

    Happy Birthday!! First i'd like to say a huge THANK YOU for "holding my hand" on my natural hair journey. Last week I read the entire henna thread on and ordered Jamilla BAQ for myself and two of my newly natural girlfriends. We are having our very first HENNA SATURDAY this weekend, which of course will include merlot and a toast to you!!!

  • SoniaSnaps says:

    I so love your site and I need to check in more often, I'm just so busy with…well life (children, husband, school, work, team mom, etc…)
    I don't think I can beat the T-shirt concept by empress :), but I facebooked you and text you to all my girls, natural and not! I also made your site home page my screen saver at work, so in those idle moments (there can many…LOL) you are getting free press! Yaaaay CurlyNikki! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  • nicolette says:

    Hey, Nikki
    I love ur blog!!! I wrote a sign and put it in my car window that said visit cause everyone needs to know about u lol!

  • The Way God Made ME says:

    He He…i thought that i was the only one who did birthday week. in NC it is a rainy mess.
    thanks for the inspiration. i too have decided to chronicle my natural hair journey. thank you.

  • Butterfly73 says:

    Congrats Nikki!
    Well I added you to my FB…since I already have you in my browser…I went to work and added you on the browser there.
    I told fellow curlies about your site..whether they wanted to hear it or not.
    thanks for such a great site

  • Shelvasha says:

    Happy B-Day! It is raining and Depressing in Raeford, NC. I think the high was 60-something but it has yet to get there. ;(

  • Rachel says:

    Happy Bday, Nikki! Contrats on your first year and all the success you've had and brought to so many women on their natural journey. I'm in your part of the world (live in Chapel Hill), but I have give some love to the drizzley weather. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Actually, that's one of my favorite things about being a naturalista…no need to hide from moisture and humidity–my hair LOVES this kind of weather! I've been natural for about 8 years, but have tried many products that have wreaked havoc on my hair –Miss Jessie's was NOT my friend. But thanks to your site, I've embraced oils and butters and found the confidence to make my own mixtures and find what works for me, individually. The oil aisle at Whole Foods is my BFF! I'll be facebooking you, but my spread the word entry is this: I went to The Fresh Market and bought a jar of coconut oil (love it, can't have enough) and there's a curly that works as a cashier there. She ask me what you make with coconut oil– I told her "the best hair moisturizer, ever!1" and passed her on to your site!

  • CocoEuro says:

    You are my facebook status today!!! Happy 1st blogversary!!!

  • Kattya says:

    I put up a new album on Facebook that includes pictures of my latest twist out and all my other hairstyles. It's entitled "Please Refer to". Happy Birthday Curly Nikki!!!

  • Cygnet says:

    Happy Birthday, Nikki!

    I listed you on my blogroll back in June when I started my blog, "Canticle of the Cygnet". Today I posted a note on Facebook as follows (I hope I got the blog description right):

    "Hey! You, permanent bed-head! Have you checked the mirror lately? Noticed that your hair is dried, fried, and generally in a state of extreme broketitude? Tired of forking out cold cash so your scalp can feel like you stuck your head in a furnace? Don't you wanna walk away from the weave, get off the glue track, stop living the lye, come off the creamy crack?

    "It's time to curl up with a cute TWA (teeny weeny afro), bust out with big hair, twist and shout with a bangin' twist-out! You and your hair can embrace a new day. Let Curly Nikki show you the way.

    " is a blog by a classy young lady who has made the transition from wearing her hair chemically altered to embracing the texture that grows from her head. Along with her hair, Nikki grew a passion for using the lessons learned along the way to help and inspire others. She not only shares tips for achieving and maintaining her own healthy hair and styling tricks for others to try, she also features product reviews and give-aways. Guest bloggers include the lovely Wes of HoneyBrownSugar and Tiffany "The Curl Whisperer" Anderson, a Florida stylist specializing in the styling and maintenance of curly hair. Specific columns feature the transition stories and pictures of brave beauties who have made their own transition and want to share their own joy and inspiration. Following Nikki is a devoted and ever-growing court of curlies whose responses to her blog entries make for education, affirmation, and happy, wholesome amusement.

    "I'm one of those loyal readers. This week is Nikki's First Blog-a-versary! She's asking us to spread the word. Check her out at! Your hair will be glad you did, and so will you :-)!"

  • DivaDr175 says:

    Happy Blogday! Thanks for this amazing blog. I'm 11 days since my BC and have learned soooo much from you. Today I gave your link to the mother of one of my patients who commented on my new style. I couldn't help but tell her about all the wonderful tips I've learned on here. As a pediatrician I love to educate and she is struggling with moisturizing her natural. She was so excited, I think she almost forgot we were there for her son. Thanks again and congratulations on a great source for us all!

  • Susan says:

    Happy Birthday Nikki. Monday the 12th is my B-day (46). I began my transition in June and want to continue for a year if I can. I've already started telling my sisters here at work about you and about going natural (as I sport my bantu knot out for the first time here at work). I hope to inspire and educate as I continue my journey. I CAN'T WAIT TO ROCK ME SOME BIG HAIR!!!!

    Be Blessed.

  • KeetaRay says:

    Happy Birthday, Nikki!! I will be tweeting and facebooking ur blog's fabulous-ness today!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Olive_Honey says:

    Happy Birthday Nikki,
    Congrats on such a fun and informative blog.
    One of the good things about this blog are the products that you have tried and reveiwed. It helps me in selecting products that I buy because I have an ideas of ones that are good and which ones might be duds, it saves me some of the foot work and also money. My girlfirends and I write each other emails on which tips from you that we have tried and send pics since we all live in other states now. We hope to have some sort of reunion in our home town in Ohio and see how everybodies natural hair is coming along. It's funny to think that back in late 80's and early 90's we were all watching "YoRap!" and sporting jerri curls.
    Dang I'm getting old ๐Ÿ™
    I wrote Procter & Gamble and suggested that they check out your blog so they can see how many people comment about their "Herbal Essence hair conditioners". My hubby is talking about buying a few cases of it for me since I tend to go through it so quickly.
    I'm sure we all appreciate the time and effort you put into this blog, keep the good work up.
    I just bought some hair combs so I will attempt to rock the fro-hawk today.
    Have some chicken soup and feel better soon!
    It's a chilly 64 degreees here, I think I need a sweater.

  • clarahallow121 says:

    What do you call the birth of a blog? lol! Either way, I'm so glad to see how far you've come! Look at all the naturals you've inspired!! Good luck for the future! CN ROCKS!!!!

  • E_v says:

    Today is My Bday as well so this is a very special week :o) I've told ALL of my curly girls about your site. My hair is thriving due to the inspiration and tips that I get here every day. Never could have continued the journey without you Nikki.

    Congratulations on your success!

  • empress says:

    hello Nikki,
    to celebrate this day like you said i wanted to do something different for you. I run to my closet and got one of my plain T-shirts and with loads of colour i painted the words "WWW.CURLYNIKKI.COM" infront of the shirt and "GO, BE FABULOUS" at the back. And i wore it to work(i am really not required to dress so formal to work though).

    happy biirthday!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Ms. NaturalJurnee…Hi Nikki!!! and fellow curlies! It's pretty dreary where I am today. No, I'm not 100 percent curly yet…and have just started the transition. My last perm was April 25th, and I'm past ready to do the big chop…however I said I would give it a year hopefully I'll make it that long..I have to say though I'm loving the way my new growth looks when I apply shining gel to it…*smiles*

  • Anonymous says:

    I emailed my sister the curlynikki web site info about 3 weeks ago because she similar hair texture. She has been natural about 10 years, but had never heard of the CG method or did any research. anything. She tried the Nikki version Twist and curl on herself and her daughter and sent me the pics. She also did the Nikki high bun. I am begging her to send in the pics because her hair looked great in both hair dos. Anyway she is on the CurlyNikki bandwagon!!!!

  • tracy edwards says:

    O' Here's Indianapolis weather update it 41 degree, a little brisky, put at least it not snowing. LOL

  • Nads says:

    Hey Nikki! Happy Birthday Week! I love your site and it's been very useful in my early stages of natural hair life :o) I gladly shouted out your site on my facebook, twitter and my blog! Congrats and I can't wait to see what year 2 brings!

  • tracy edwards says:

    Happy B-week to Nikki, I'm going to facebook you and tell everyone who views my facebook to log into your blog and see what a cool site you have, Awesome Blog by the way, and I'll try to link your blog to my facebook if I can. Then I'm going to email all of my friends and ask them to view your Blog and lastly I'm going to link you to my blogsite if I hav'nt already, I don't visit my own blog much. I'm not sure if this is creative enough, but a least your viewing rates will hit the roof. LOL

  • Flawlessly Freckled says:

    Hi I'm new here. I wanted to say thank you for giving us such a wonderful blogspot full of information and inspiration. I just started my transition, well sort of. I have not had a perm in my hair for 4 years. I just decided it wasn't ME. I was pressing my hair since then and I just stopped about 3 weeks ago. I have found so many great ideas by reading your site. Today I an naturally curly and proud of it. I have come up with a regimen that is making my hair grow like crazy, never knew it was possibly. So thanks for the inspiration to go naturally curly.

    Oh and I like in Los Angeles and today is the first day it's going to be cool, 74 degress, burrrrr, lol.

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