Morning Curlies!

What’s it like in your neck of the woods? It’s rainy and dreary here, and unfortunately I’ve managed to catch a cold 🙁 Although I did henna (for the first time since August), I didn’t feel like pulling the Curlformers out…please don’t be mad! I’ll wrestle with them next weekend.

As promised, today, we’re kicking off the b-day week!

Today, your participation will be a gift to me, and to your natural friends (and/or natural unsuspecting strangers!):

Show your support for by spreading the word! Tweet it, facebook it, myspace it, blog about it, phone a friend, hell, approach a stranger on the subway! Leave a comment detailing how you spread the word…the most creative curly will receive a jar of Oyin Shine and Define out of my personal stash!

Later Gators,

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