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Curly Nikki

CurlyNikki Celebration–Day 2

By January 27th, 202114 Comments

Hola Chicas!

Today, your participation will be a gift to yourself! Enjoy ladies 🙂

Order that new hair product you’ve been eyeing, and tell your mom/partner/boyfriend/husband that CurlyNikki told you to do it. Then, come back here and dish about your new hair candy!

I’ll be re-upping my henna stash, and might try out a new line…hmmm……

Later Gators,

*Check out Tuesday-Friday’s challenges HERE.


  • Sheeta Boo says:

    ok I may have over done it but this is what i bought this week.
    Oyins Shine and Define, Oyins Whipped Pudding, Greg Juice and Hemp conditioner. Garnier Fructis anti-frizz serum, Garnier's Avacodo and Olive oil conditioner, Aussie's 3 minute miracle moisture replenisher, Cantu Shea Butter Leave in Repair, Grapeseed oil…I think that's it.

    Target has a great sale on garnier fructis this week…so that's my story and I'm sticking to

  • Krystality says:

    I know I am super late but I am so excited and wanted to share that I finally got my hand on so SHEA BUTTER that I am so ready to use. I will try it this weekend for my braid out. :o)

  • R.M. Jackson says:

    I've been going through the site and I'm a bit confused about some of the terms… could someone point me in the right direction for clarification?

    1) 4a,b,c
    2) henna (I thought it was a dye of some sort, but now I'm not sure)
    3) co-wash

    Help please?!

  • Unknown says:

    On Friday I'm going to buy some Lush Henna and try it as soon as I get home. *fingers crossed*

  • Anonymous says:

    My husband ordered me some products as a surprise! I was having a bad day the other day. He sent me an email right when I was about to leave work, with a confirmation order of a bunch of stuff! I'm so happy he is so understanding with this whole journey (he is really helping me make it through it)

  • Kimmie0810 says:

    Today I purchased: Herbal Essence-Hello Hydration & Totally Twisted; Suave-Humectant & some coconut conditioner to co-wash; 4 kinds of rollers from Sally's; Nexxus Humectress. I'm trying everything for the 1st time (based on this site) except the Humectress is a re-up. I tried twisting my hair last night but only had flexirods to set it on and it didn't turn out too well. I'm going to try again though. I eyed the Curlformers but I want to wait on those to see how my twist sets turn out. I'll decide by this weekend. Tomorrow I'm going to Ulta for my beloved Devacare Condition One, I'm ordering the Oyin & some henna. This is a "hair week". I'm OBSESSED b/c I need to work this natural hair OUT!

  • Nutmeg says:

    Happy Birthday,! Like you and Nokomis, I am a Libra who will be celebrating her birthday next week, so right now, I don't need but a word to find a reason to be jubilant and buy things I want (ha!) I love these "challenges"!

    For our birthdays, I'll be purchasing Curlformers today 🙂

  • Olive_Honey says:

    Happy Birthday Nikki!
    Just ordered another supply of Giovanni's
    Direct leave-in and small
    bottle of Rosemary essential oil for my
    scalp. This past weekend I finally tried
    the AO honeysuckle rose conditioner that you
    recconmended, it smells delightfut, I used it for my weekly deep conditioner on Sunday night.
    I tried the Alba mango moistururizing conditioner this morning, it looks like I will only use this one as a leave-in or use it with some water in a spray bottle when I need a hair refreshner. It doesnt have that "slip" that I was hoping for. It smells nice though.
    It's going to rain here all afternoon, better
    pull out the rubber duckies.
    Enjoy your day ladies.

  • Cygnet says:

    Hi, Nikki! Remember in previous responses how I said my hair doesn't do so well with an overabundance of oils? Well consider me rebuked.

    I've had a half-used jar of organic coconut oil sitting on a shelf in my kitchen for almost two years now. I used some of it for cooking a couple times, but decided against it because the taste and smell, while not unpleasant, overpowered the food. So there it sat. Until this past week.

    After reading your post on winterizing the hair, I decided to try massaging a little coconut oil into the scalp and slicking it on the ends, so I poured some into a smaller jar. A couple days later, I cowashed with Suave coconut conditioner and detangled with a wide-toothed comb and Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine leave-in and generous spritzes of Sta-Sof-Fro, the infamous Stuff in the Brown Bottle. The results were cute, and I went to bed thinking it would be alright the next morning.

    NOT!!! It was a bit stiff, so I put on my Long Aid gel activator to try and fix it. Big mistake! The gel refused to play nice with the conditioner and transformed it into white globules in my hair, which now felt like sandpaper. I rinsed it all out in the kitchen sink, scraped a generous fistful of the Long Aid back into my wet hair, styled it, and hoped my hair would forgive me.

    Later that night, I poured more coconut oil into the small container, grabbed a bottle of 1 to 3 ratio mix of BRX and water, unearthed a brush I'd stopped using because of the balls on the ends of the bristles, and went to work. To small sections of my hair I applied a generous spritz of the BRX water, squeezed it through, then slicked on a little coconut oil. Very carefully, I brushed it through and twisted in two strands.

    Except for last night, it has now been several nights in a row I've done this, and my hair has been so silky to touch, even the driest bits. And even though my hair is a little dry from skipping last night, it is still quite soft; I'm sitting here playing with it as I type. I think I may have found the next product in my haircare arsenal, and I'm thinking of buying more coconut oil the next time I get paid.

  • Anonymous says:

    For your birthday I purchased Gro Aut Oil 😉
    Happy Birthday and keep blogging I'm natural because of you 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    I just rinsed out my first Jamila henna treatment today. It looks good so far. My Oyin Handmade Honey-Hemp Conditioner and shampoo bar is on it's way in the mail. Thanks for all the wonderful hair advise CurlyNikki!

  • Tracy says:

    Happy B-D-#2, I just bought a henna pkg, med. brunette henna,w/ indigo and amla from last Thurs. and it arrived yesterday. Hurray, I can't wait for the weekend now, I'm so excited. I just visited their site for spell-check sakes and they now have cool looking black horn barrettes and pale horn barrettes for less then $20. buck, I'm buying some of those. Nikki if hadn't been for your site, your inputs, your trails and errors, your loyalty to your blog,( and I have to say as well as other bloggers like yourself) I might not have stay natural after taking out my 10 months old sisterlocks and I won't have gain the knowledges at I now have to love and enjoy and appreciate my natural hair. I am applausing you Nikki for all the hard work you have done this past year and for the years to come. I am unofficially awarding you the highest award to writers.( It's official in my eyes) The Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Writing, this prize has been awarded since 1917 for distinguished editorial writing, the test of excellence being clearness of style, moral purpose, sound reasoning, and the power to influence public opinion in what the writer conceives to be the right direction. Congratulation! And Best Wishes for the Years to come.

  • Jasmin says:


    As a transtioner i'm all about trying new products and am becoming my own little product junkie =). i'm venturing away from bad ingredients into more all natural products! My aunt has joined a relatively new company called SOUL PURPOSE and they have a lot of all natural products. I've had the wonderful experience of being her personal ginny pig and found that i have fallen in love with the brand's body/hair balm which are shea butter based products!! yay! The POMEGRANATE MANGO is my personal favorite because i'm a fruity kinda girl double =)! it smells delicious and makes the battle with 6 months of new growth waaaay easy! my hair is crazy soft!!

    Happy Bday CN!!

  • Nokomis says:

    Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday Im a libra too! my birthday is monday and Im celebrating all of this weekend and next week! lol have a great birthday!

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