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Curly Nikki

Cygnet’s Review of Oyin Define and Shine

By January 27th, 20215 Comments

Cygnet's Review of Oyin Define and Shine
Hi, Nikki!

I promised that when I tried the Oyin Shine & Define that I won from your Birthday Challenge, I would take pictures and send them to you. Well, here they are!

Let me tell you how I did it: First, I co-washed with HE Hydralicious Self-Targeting Conditioner. After soaking up the excess water in a tee shirt, I detangled with a 1:1:2 ratio mix of Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut Conditioner, unrefined coconut oil, and water–I two-strand twisted my hair in sections as I went. I confess that my ends are in serious need of clipping, and I had to apply a little shea butter to some of them. When I was done, I un-twisted a section at a time, generously applying the Oyin SD, and separating out the curls. Once it was all unraveled and the curls separated out, I gave my head a few vigorous shakes, arranged the curls how I wanted them, gave extra attention to those parts that needed it, and that was it.

So what do I think? It definitely defines. And I like the smell. I think a little bit could go a long way, and I tend to have application issues with products like that, because I think I need more than I do and invariably use too much. Because my hair is dry in general and through the back upper section in particular, I find that I need to moisturize it daily. Although the pictures belie the growth I’ve had, I can stretch my hair out to my shoulders now; but, as you can see, the curls are tight, so I’m no longer so willing to go to bed with my hair untwisted; so night-time is when I moisturize and seal. So I think that for styling, I will need to dampen the sections as I undo them, then apply the Oyin SD and separate the curls.

So would I buy this? Well, I require that it keep my curls defined without drying them out. But because I moisturize and twist my hair nightly, I will also need it to be applicable daily without excessive buildup. And because I have chronic aggravated hand-in-fro disease and additionally want to avoid product transfer when I get hugged by people taller than I am (this happens at least weekly), I would like it not to make my hair tacky. If I find that this product delivers on all of these requirements, then yes, I would be willing to buy it, because it will have outperformed the Long Aid Moisturizing Activator I currently favor in terms of tackiness, and it will have done me better than the Eco Styler I bought to try but don’t like because it dries out my hair.

Cygnet's Review of Oyin Define and Shine
Cygnet's Review of Oyin Define and Shine
Cygnet's Review of Oyin Define and Shine

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  • Sheeta Boo says:

    I recieved my Oyin order (sample pak with greg juice, honey hemp condish, shine n define, and whipped pudding) yesterday. I also have a heavy hand when applying products. I also require a good moisturizer before styling so this is what I did.

    After cowashing and detangling with the honey hemp I sprayed the greg juice as a leave in and put on a plastic cap with my towel over it for about 30 min. when i removed the cap i put the whipped pudding thru out my hair and separated into sections…I realized as i was twisting with the define and shine that I used too much half of my head was a lil stiff..but as i finished and resprayed some greg juice…the tight twist loosened up well. So far I love Oyin….I will more than likely reorder. my hair is soft and has hold and less frizz than ever.

    more of a review than a comment. Sorry ;-).

    Smooches..I love your hair and the color..gorgeous.

  • b. says:

    Cygnet, Love the color and results of your hair! Thanks for sharing w/ us 😀

  • new2locs says:

    Oyin products were mainstay's for me before I loc'd my hair. I love their products!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Nice- looks nice and fluffy, soft and defined. May have to try this:-)

  • Anonymous says:

    excellent results and congrats on winning. I've had my eye on this for a while and you've given renewed interest.

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