Hi, Nikki!

I promised that when I tried the Oyin Shine & Define that I won from your Birthday Challenge, I would take pictures and send them to you. Well, here they are!

Let me tell you how I did it: First, I co-washed with HE Hydralicious Self-Targeting Conditioner. After soaking up the excess water in a tee shirt, I detangled with a 1:1:2 ratio mix of Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut Conditioner, unrefined coconut oil, and water–I two-strand twisted my hair in sections as I went. I confess that my ends are in serious need of clipping, and I had to apply a little shea butter to some of them. When I was done, I un-twisted a section at a time, generously applying the Oyin SD, and separating out the curls. Once it was all unraveled and the curls separated out, I gave my head a few vigorous shakes, arranged the curls how I wanted them, gave extra attention to those parts that needed it, and that was it.

So what do I think? It definitely defines. And I like the smell. I think a little bit could go a long way, and I tend to have application issues with products like that, because I think I need more than I do and invariably use too much. Because my hair is dry in general and through the back upper section in particular, I find that I need to moisturize it daily. Although the pictures belie the growth I’ve had, I can stretch my hair out to my shoulders now; but, as you can see, the curls are tight, so I’m no longer so willing to go to bed with my hair untwisted; so night-time is when I moisturize and seal. So I think that for styling, I will need to dampen the sections as I undo them, then apply the Oyin SD and separate the curls.

So would I buy this? Well, I require that it keep my curls defined without drying them out. But because I moisturize and twist my hair nightly, I will also need it to be applicable daily without excessive buildup. And because I have chronic aggravated hand-in-fro disease and additionally want to avoid product transfer when I get hugged by people taller than I am (this happens at least weekly), I would like it not to make my hair tacky. If I find that this product delivers on all of these requirements, then yes, I would be willing to buy it, because it will have outperformed the Long Aid Moisturizing Activator I currently favor in terms of tackiness, and it will have done me better than the Eco Styler I bought to try but don’t like because it dries out my hair.

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