Happy Friday,

I’ll be featured on one of my favorite websites next week, and just completed the interview. One of the questions stood out to me:

Black hair has been big in the media this year. What do you see in the future for black hair?

My response:
It may be a lofty notion, but I see natural hair becoming the standard. Today’s natural hair will not go the way of the Fro. Mainly because natural hair today is more of a lifestyle than it is a political statement or movement of some sort. Women are becoming educated on the dangers of relaxers, extensions, and other excessive forms of manipulation, and are consciously striving to learn to care for and maintain their natural textures. Eventually we’ll reach a critical mass–natural hair will replace the straight hair standard in the media, in the workplace…everywhere. Our love for our various textures, will spill over into the majority, and they will have no choice but to accept it. Natural hair today, is simply one part of a fulfilling, healthier, fabulous lifestyle! A girl can dream, right?!

What do you think? What is your opinion about the future of Black hair? Is natural hair here to stay?