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Curly Nikki

Hair Today and House Keeping

By January 27th, 202111 Comments

Hair Today and House Keeping
I threw my Curly Fro set up into a messy bun today, using my black satin scrunchy–I pulled my hair through the scrunchy twice, and only halfway through on the third time. I then pulled out some random pieces and shook it a little bit. I’m loving this bun because it’s fuller and gives me a slightly different look than my regular one.

HeatherNicole told me that in order to preserve the Curly Fro, you must re-do the set nightly…but that it’s much easier to do after the first time, since you’ve already detangled. You wouldn’t even need a comb the second or third time around.

I’m feeling the set, and will probably use it like I used CurlFormers last year–to do protective styles for the winter. I plan to start Curly Fro’ing it from wet…air drying over night, and pulling it into a bun for a week or more. The Flexi rods yield nearly the same result as CurlFormers, plus they are cheaper, and less taxing on the hair. Just what the doctor ordered πŸ™‚

The hilarious and gorgeous Nadeira will be reviewing products in the coming weeks, so stay tuned! Also, if there is something that you’d want either myself, or Nadeira to try and review, shoot me an email!

Don’t forget to get your Show & Tell ‘Fierce’ Friday pictures in to me at A reader sent her pic in already, and she is posed up with a celeb πŸ˜€ Who can top that one?!

Later Gators,


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