How I’m actually wearing my hair today–a pony secured with a satin scrunchie:

It was way to gross out to leave my hair down, and it was frizzing before I could make it out of the house! As Colbert would say, EO gets a “wag of the finger”! To preserve, I’ll just sleep in my handy satin scarf, on my trusty satin pillow case. This pony will last 3 or so days, then I’ll bun it, and finally start anew!

Don’t forget to submit your Show & Tell for tomorrow. Remember, it can be a full body shot, or a close-up of your curls. Provide a brief caption as well! I’ll post the first 10 I receive…and we’re not even close yet! Let’s get it chicas–this is real time inspiration, lol.

Later Gators,