Hola Chicas,

The CurlyNikki reader below needs some help figuring out curl friendly head gear for the coming months. Your typical winter hats can leach the moisture (that you’ve worked so hard for!) from your strands, causing frizz, split ends, breakage, and worse of all…a ruined ‘do! Check out these satin lined alternatives below:

Village Hat Shop

Curly Zebra– Hats for curly heads!

Tenderheaded.com -Silk scarves and head coverings

http://prettyanntoinets.com/– Submitted by Alexis!

You could also place a heavy silk scarf or shawl over your head to protect your hair and ears, and then cover with your coat’s hood. It doesn’t get ridiculously cold in NC (plus I’m too cool for hats, lol), but when I’m in STL, I’ve been known to slap on a satin bonnet under my woolen hat. I wore the over sized berets last year:

I don’t know how effective these are (at shielding ears from the wind), but they’re sure cute, and you can stuff quite a bit a hair under there (and hide a satin scarf or bonnet too)!

Help her out ladies!

Dear Nikki,

Help! I did my big chop last month not thinking about how cold it gets in Germany in the winter. Now it’s 34 degrees outside and I have no clue about hats and hair health. With a lot more hair to get under them, most of my hats don’t fit well. I want to look fabulous while keeping my head and ears warm, without damaging my hair. Any ideas from my sisters in cold places would be appreciated.

DivaDr175 in Heidelberg, Germany