you get in the shower to tackle what seems like Mission Impossible, only to find that your bottle of Herbal Essence Totally Twisted (TT) is nearly empty. I realized tonight that no other conditioner in my arsenal provides the detangling miracles that TT can. Generic Value Paul Mitchell the Detangler is a close second, and is actually what I had to use to supplement the smidgen of TT I had left. So from this rambling comes three tips:

1. Take regular stock of your inventory. Buy your cheapie favs on sell, and buy them in bulk!

Hide your most coveted products from your sticky fingered significant others! My husband uses any and everything I place in the shower…and lots of it too. Tonight, I found my DevaCurl Set it Free sitting on the shower floor–I knew he had it because I keep it under the sink! Hide your goodies ladies, lol.

When the bottle is nearly empty, add some hot water from the shower to it, shake, and apply the watery concoction to your thirsty locks. In all honesty, even my favorite conditioners (Herbal Essence included) are improved upon with a little water. But only add water when the conditioner is nearly gone…unless you plan to refigerate it. Click HERE to see why.

In other randomness:

1. Am I a loser for watching Ghost Whisperer? I had never seen it until WE started showing episodes. The plot is super basic, and Jennifer Love Hewitt is an awful actress, but the ghosts keep sucking me in. I love a good ghost cheesy, I know. Medium is still my fav though.

2. Housewives, The Office, and Community (luke warm on that one) are on tonight…Thursday is my favorite TV night! Except for Friday when Monk and Psych come on 🙂 It’s the little things that make me happy…lol.

3. One of you recently asked (in the comments of a post) where I purchase my shea from. Well luckily, I haven’t had to buy shea for more than 8 months because my tub is like the Energizer Bunny. I’ve tried quite a few, but my fav (in terms of consistency, and workability) is Afrikan Republic from Sistasplace (scroll down until you see a blue jar). You get 16oz for 12 dollars.

4. Submit your Friday’s Challenge tonight!!!!

Randomness fin…

Later Gators,