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Curly Nikki

Jess’ TWA…

By January 27th, 202131 Comments

Jess' TWA...
Remember Jess, aka MohaganyCurls? Well, she’s back with an update on her routine, experiences, and the blossoming of her TWA (teeny weeny Afro)!

Hey Nikki,

I just wanted to share my hair growth since the last time I shared my Natural Hair Journey story with you guys. I still have a TWA, but I wanted to inspire ladies that are considering doing the big chop…to let them know that it is okay to let go of your hair. I feel that once you make the transition from relaxed to natural hair, you will look and feel beautiful with short or long hair. I didn’t transition, I just decided to big chop exactly 8 weeks after my last relaxer. Ever since, I have been very happy about my natural hair experience.

I usually wear a wash n go, or flat twists (I haven’t mastered the two strand twisting yet!). I live in Germany so, it is very cold outside right now. When I wear my wash n go’s, I can stretch it at least 7 days! Yes, I can get sixth day hair with my TWA! When I wake up in the morning all I do is spritz my bed head with warm water, let it sit for a couple of seconds and shake. That’s it! When I do this, my hair dries faster and my curls bounce right back!

Having a TWA can sometimes be a little fustrating because you can’t style your hair the way you may want to style it, but that doesnt mean you can’t improvise, and enjoy every stage of your hair growth!

BTW, It has been 8 months since my BC! :)


Here is a video showing you guys how I stretch my wash n’ go:

Jess' TWA...Jess' TWA...
Jess' TWA...

Jess' TWA...


  • Anonymous says:

    Germany….wow…I miss that place, we were living there from 05-10….what city are you in? I was in Wiesbaden.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am a 57 yr. old lady with short thin fine hair. I have been relaxing most of my life and I am in the mist of trying to determine if I want to go with the TWA. One of my main problems is that the top of my hair is very thin-and starting to bald on both sides of the front of my hair line. The sides and back of my hair are thicker. I have been using the curling iron EVERY DAY for years. My main question is what style do you suggest for a person with my hair problem? I real am ready to make a change…I am soooo tired of curling my hair and I'm sick and tired of relaxers that don't even hold. Another problem is that I am a professional woman so I want my hair to look appropriate while I go through this transition.

    Any assistance you can give will be greatly appreciated.

  • Anonymous says:

    Great to hear from you! I was getting worried. You were definitely my go to girl while transionting. I look forward to your videos in the near future. Thanks Nikki for all you do. May GOD continue to bless your family.

  • Dominique says:

    Beautiful woman with an amazingly bright smile..and GORGEOUS hair! Thanks for sharing your photos

  • Anonymous says:

    your curls are the bomb lady and you are so beautiful!

  • Anonymous says:

    I love your tutorial on a natural roller wrap set! I have been transitioning for a year this month. I still have my relaxed in, but I have been flat ironing. . .up until now. I read on kinky curly that flat ironing is bad for my hair follicles, so I have been wearing natural ponytails to avoid heat. However, I can't wear the ponytail everyday, and I'm not ready to do the BC! So I'm going to try the roller wrap set tonight and pray it turns out pretty. According to internet sources, I am a 3c. . .So my texture might be courser than yours. . .We'll see. Thanks for the tutorials!

  • Kearea' says:

    beautiful. i wish my curls popped like hers!

  • Anonymous says:

    twa means teenie weenie afro

  • Anonymous says:

    very pretty girl beautiful face.

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh and what does TWA mean?… I'm sorry I'm really new to this!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Okay I just cut my hair off last weekend. I and its about 2 1/2 inches long (maybe) its just really short. So I was looking for some styling tips. Im still trying to get in a pattern of my shampooing and co-washing because i am in college and i work night shift alot at work so I am having so what a hard time figuring out when to do my hair and what to do with it. It gets dry often and i have to keep it oiled. Right now I use Pantene Pro-V relazed and natural for women of color shampoo, and I co-wash with Herbal essences hello hydration.I oil my scalp with essations fertilizing anti-itch scalp oil and in the morning after I style my hair with MissJessie's Curly Pudding. With my hair being so short and me not being use to doing my own hair at all!! I want to do something new cause i'm getting bored with this look. So I was wondering if anyone had any ideas cause im open to ANY suggestions!! Thanks!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Ok, I was real close to calling up the salon for a relaxer. I'm at 5 months and stressing. But you have given me new hope. Thanks!

  • Novella E. Lundy says:

    Oh wow you are in Germany i lived in germany
    many years ago. Your hair is beautiful I
    just did the BC on 12/24/09. You inspire me!

  • Anonymous says:

    I have worn dreadlocs 5+ yrs. & want 2 go short & funky!! I like the style u have posted on wash n go…what is the texture of ur hair? Will all natural hair turn out this pretty?? Please advise Jan 7, 2010

  • Anonymous says:

    I just found this website and it's like an epiphany for me! I am falling in love with myself after 20+ years of relaxing. I am loving myself through the eyes and stories of other curlies. Love all of you guys and thanks for sharing your journeys.

  • Anonymous says:

    I love your TWA!! It suits you perfectly!!

  • Anonymous says:

    OMG I'm loving her natural hair texture!! She has the softest looking curls. I'm hating on her beautiful hair! LOL Lord I wish more of us realized how beautiful our own hair is before we run chemicals through it.

  • nellboogie says:

    So Hot!

  • Anonymous says:

    oh one of my fav chicks on yt!!! after i did the chop i used her stretch and go technique and ur right Jess! it gets bigger everyday! lol….beautiful locks…go girl!

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    NikNak, you are so right! I'm horrible at typing…

  • sweetdrk1 says:

    Jess is my all time favs on YT!!! Love her curls, love her spirit!!

  • NikNak says:

    not to be nit picky, but I wouldn't describe her hair as 4a/b. Beautiful nonetheless

  • Claudette says:

    I love her hair. It looked great relaxed, looks great natural!

  • Anonymous says:

    Lookin' good!

  • KeetaRay says:

    She and her hair are absolutely gorgeous. Let me sub to her YouTube now…

  • Anonymous says:

    Lookin' good!

  • Anonymous says:

    i really love this..

  • Oh La La Chic says:

    You're pretty and that hair is lookin' great girl!

  • D Alexandra says:

    you're a beautiful girl, and short hair fits you so well! Your hair looks amazing!

  • Mae says:

    I'm subscribed to her YT channel. She gives great advice and her hair is beautiful : )

  • Anonymous says:


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