Remember Jess, aka MohaganyCurls? Well, she’s back with an update on her routine, experiences, and the blossoming of her TWA (teeny weeny Afro)!

Hey Nikki,

I just wanted to share my hair growth since the last time I shared my Natural Hair Journey story with you guys. I still have a TWA, but I wanted to inspire ladies that are considering doing the big chop…to let them know that it is okay to let go of your hair. I feel that once you make the transition from relaxed to natural hair, you will look and feel beautiful with short or long hair. I didn’t transition, I just decided to big chop exactly 8 weeks after my last relaxer. Ever since, I have been very happy about my natural hair experience.

I usually wear a wash n go, or flat twists (I haven’t mastered the two strand twisting yet!). I live in Germany so, it is very cold outside right now. When I wear my wash n go’s, I can stretch it at least 7 days! Yes, I can get sixth day hair with my TWA! When I wake up in the morning all I do is spritz my bed head with warm water, let it sit for a couple of seconds and shake. That’s it! When I do this, my hair dries faster and my curls bounce right back!

Having a TWA can sometimes be a little fustrating because you can’t style your hair the way you may want to style it, but that doesnt mean you can’t improvise, and enjoy every stage of your hair growth!

BTW, It has been 8 months since my BC! 🙂


Here is a video showing you guys how I stretch my wash n’ go: