This transitioning bride shined on her wedding day with a modified wash&go:

Hi Nikki,

I asked you earlier this year about suggestions for wedding hair since I am 6 months into transitioning. A lot of people strongly suggested I just straighten my hair and then style it, but I felt that would be cheating. I had NO clue what I was going to do, but I went to the stylist with a half flat-twist out in the front and a wash and go in the back (because my hair, although mostly relaxed, still curls quite a lot) and told her to style it however she could without adding heat or “smoothing it out.” And here are the final results!!! I loved my hair and I didn’t have to worry about rain, humidity (since the wedding was in Houston, TX) or sweating out my edges. I’m so glad I’m going natural and I’m even more glad I stayed true to myself and my hair for the most important day of my life. Hope you can use these pics to help inspire other natural brides!