NaturallyLeslie, a fellow blogger and curly friend recently tried a tricked out version of the Twist-n-Curl with fantabulous results! For those of you that have had less than stellar results with my version, this may be the remedy! Check her out (click on images to enlarge):

Hello all! I love my two strand twists and twist outs but I wanted to try something different this time around. So, I decided to try out Curly Nikki’s signature style- the one and only Twist-N-Curl! I have tried it before on wet hair but this was the first time trying it on dry hair. I bought these bigger rollers (perm rods really) at the beauty supply store. Before rolling, I wet the ends with a spray leave-in conditioner and sealed them with my CocoShea mix.

I slept in those huge rollers overnight (was not an easy task!) and when I awoke, these were my results!

This was after it had been down all day in semi-humid conditions. I put a scarf around it to get it off my face since I OD’d on the CocoShea mix. It was getting all over my face and that is a no no!

So all in all I really like it. I had been rocking these twists for a few days and wanted to spice it up before I untwisted them. It was very fluffy and bouncy and I got some compliments. So overall, it was worth it and I will definitely try the dry Twist-N-Curl again! Thanks Nikki!

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