Shawn shows us that grass is always greener…

Hi Nikki-

Just wanted to drop a note to say what a lovely and helpful website you have. I found it quite by accident- researching something else- and after much reading was shocked to find how complicated beautiful hair can be!! The women featured on your website, including yourself, have some of the prettiest hair I’ve seen!

FYI–alot of people would trade body parts to have hair like that, men and women!!

That’s why we subject ourselves to perms and thickening products and rollers and extensions and wigs and countless hours of tears and frustration. Maybe surprising, but far more common than one might think- how many times a girl stayed home after primping for hours, because her hair was just too flat or the curl fell out right away (I have!) More than one girl has skipped prom at the last minute because she ruined her makeup and possibly her dress crying herself sick- because she hated her flat, uncooperative hair!! (I didn’t, but I knew 2 girls who actually did… took ages for the truth to come out…something about food poisoning or starting a period…).

A compilation of many different backgrounds- German, English, Native American, Black Irish and then some …I have unfortunately gotten the absolute worst in terms of hair. It is super fine…stick straight, and slippery silky to the point of—agghhhh looking like a wet baby chicken with no blow dryer or product. Gross!! It won’t even hold a perm!! With all this fabulously diverse genetic background- how in the world did I wind up with such awful hair? (Thanks Dad….thanks a lot!! he has it also, we are the only ones in our family to have such yucky hair.)

Our family calls it fine, raspy, or downy (the baby chicken reference…) or hat hair. You have to put a hat on it because nothing can be done with it. That’s why my grandmother always made me wear a hat to church as a child……..she had great hair and I did not and the embarrassment was just too much. Who knew??? I thought it was to be fashionable, until once I overheard a conversation amongst the grownups about what a pretty little girl I was, but what in the world could we do about my hair? OUCH! Scoot over girls, make room on the lovely red couch!

After being the butt of many jokes throughout my lifetime (You know your hair sucks when white people make fun of it, particularly your family!!) and equally as long a time that I can remember suffering from a terrible, incurable case of the worst hair envy ever, I feel a little better. Thank you for that!!

Not because other women have hair issues that make them uncomfortable, misery doesn’t love company in this case and even the meanest girl wouldn’t wish awful hair on her worst enemy if she had one, but because reading your website has given me a fresh perspective on being grateful and accepting of what I have (or don’t have…).

I appreciate very much the insight and the lesson on what beauty and esteem truly mean!

Best Regards and lots of love,

Shawn Allison Norton

About the pictures: A dear friend took them for fun and at first glance, they look great, but the story behind is that the make-up only took 15 minutes- the hair took hours of back-combing and upside-down blow drying and more product– many tears and touch-ups –that was the best we could do- it was like cardboard and a miracle that I had any left after all that. (If I remember correctly, there were a few tracts in there for volume- still no help)
It fell as soon as I got out of the chair!!

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