Sharina, a reader writes:

Hey Nikki,

I was wondering if you could ask other readers a question for me. I am a new mom! YAY!! I love my son and wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world BUT I did not know that postpartum shedding was part of the deal lol. My hair started to shed like crazy last month, when my son turned 2 months old. I have lost so much of the hair around my temples I don’t even know how to style my hair at this point to disguise the hair loss. Luckily, my hair is super thick so you can’t tell that I’m losing hair anywhere else but my edges. I have since found out that postpartum shedding is something that lots of moms go through. What I would like to know is what these moms did to combat the problem or if its something that just has to pass on its own? If there is any more information needed please let me know sis. Thanks in advance.

Sharina aka Tajs Mommy


Taj is absolutely adorable! I’m not a mommy yet, so I have ZERO first hand experience with this, but here goes 🙂 From what I’ve read, postpartum hair shed is an inevitable, untreatable, short-term phase that many new mothers must traverse. During pregnancy, hair literally gets stuck in the ‘grow’ phase and becomes thicker, longer, shinier, and all around healthier looking. After the birth of your beautiful babe, that new found growth and thickness doesn’t stick around–leaving you with excessive hair fall while detangling, styling…even when you’re not touching it at all! Ahhh…the joys of motherhood 🙂

I’d recommend taking it easy through this transition period:

-wear protective styles that are friendly to your delicate edges (loose buns and twists as opposed to slick, tight buns and braids)
-twist or braid-out instead of wash&go…in my opinion, twist-outs appear fuller
-focus on moisture and avoid harsh stylers such as gels and mousses
-use castor oil–it’s known to promote hair growth and thicken up the hair line
-scalp massages to stimulate growth
-take your vitamins and supplements (I’m feeling Macro Greens at the moment–lots of yummy ingredients for hair and skin among other things, of course! Talk to your doc before starting any new supplements…)
-keep baby’s (and daddy’s) hands out of your curls, lol
-lots and lots of patience!

Haha, that list doubles as tips for what to do if you’re experiencing hair loss/breakage/damage in general! Good luck and congrats!


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