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So, don’t get mad…but I have yet to see this movie! I know, I know 🙂 I had several local curlies request a meet-up to see it, but I’ve obviously been dragging my feet. I’ve seen the Oprah interview, watched Chris on Jay Leno, and heard about his appearance on Tyra…I’ve read review after review…I feel like I’ve seen it! In the meantime, I requested reviews from you divas. One in particular stood out from the crowd:


I visit your site every working day sometimes even thrice a day. I am a long time lurker/anon commenter since perhaps March 2009 and I am currently transitioning (9 months strong). Anyway, I went to go see Good Hair on October 8th at the midnight showing in my area (DC Metro area) with a friend of mine who is already natural. Anyway…I had a few issues with it but I will start with the positive (in hopes to make a negative on positive sandwich).


-It is good that people were able to see just how powerful sodium hydroxide is and to have that visual to take home and think about the next time they apply the creamy crack. I am not one who thinks that people should be anti-relaxer, I simply desire that all people make informed decisions vs doing things just because. (Although had I had it my way, I would have made the “scientific study” a bit more generalizable by making sure to use a conc of sodium hydroxide that was same as that of relaxer and a piece of skin to really give a true representation of what happens to scalp and hair. Just because the point is valid, but easily refutable based on the way the “study” was conducted…but I digress 🙂 )

– The movie lacked balance. There wasn’t much representation from the natural community which in my opinion is one of the reasons why it lacked balance. By that I mean, there were several mini interviews that merely highlighted the pervasive and self-loathing perception of good hair; but their weren’t many if any to share the – let’s call it “enlightened”, for lack of a better phrase – perception of good hair.
– I didn’t see where he really broached the topic of why the black community carries these beliefs of good hair vs bad hair. The movie seemed to focus a bit more on the weave-epidemic and the hair industry.
– I have learned more from reading your site and others than I would have gotten out of this movie. In fact, watching the movie with so much straight hair in it, I started to miss the silky straight days. (Don’t worry I am back on track)
– After all the you tube videos, and oprah, and the pictures, etc, you have practically already seen the whole movie.
– I guess, after it is all said and done, I could see why some women felt that it was just an airing of dirty laundry, because for the most part that is all the movie did. It basically implied that regular working class AA women typically spend their rent money on hair from across the world that originally started out as free. It reaffirmed that the “universal” perception is that natural black hair is undesirable. And finally, it showcased the fact that black women will do anything, even put noxious chemicals on their head to attain straight hair. I feel much of this sentiment could have been avoided if the other end of the spectrum was highlighted, such as the psycho-sociological considerations as to why this may be, or perhaps the fact that the women who spend 1k on weave are the exception not the rule. something, anything.

– From a socioeconomic standpoint, the movie definitely highlighted the revenue-drawing aspect of the hair industry. Some even called it the exploitation side of the business, with AAs buying most of the product but reaping very very little of the revenue. For me this was the sticking point that made this movie a black issue, but for the most part, all the other aspects of the movie could have represented curlies from all races and nationalites.

So that is my review of the movie. Thank you so much for all the work you put into the site. I want you to know that I personally really appreciate your consistency and dedication to the site. Knowing that each day that I log-on there will be something new to read/learn/think about is great!

Very appreciative,

So what did you think of the movie?