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Curly Nikki

Show and Tell Friday!

By January 27th, 202113 Comments

Today is the first of many ‘Show & Tell Fridays’! The images below are of CN readers at their flyyest…at work, on the town, and with the fam. Showing us all that natural hair is not a fad, it’s a way of life…an extension of our beauty!

Show and Tell Friday!Dorothy:
This was from over the summer at a park. I was there for a picnic. My sister, cousins and I decided to take pictures in the big tree. I love this photo because I look so happy and carefree. It makes me smile when I think of that day. My hair is the result of a braid out done on wet hair.

Show and Tell Friday!Reka:
Newly natural college student, and loving the versatility.
This is a bantu knot-out. I started by co-washing, rinsing, and towel drying the drippies! Initially wanted to try the Twist-n-Curl. But somehow, during the process, the TnC ended up as bantu knots!

Once morning came, I was excited as a kid on Christmas…. lol! I started from the back and un-twisted the knots, and finger combed the roots, stopping before I got to the ends! I love it

Show and Tell Friday!

Miss Fizz:

Stay tuned…she’ll be submitting her 4a/4b Hair Idol interview in the coming days. This diva has some fierce styles up her sleeve!

Show and Tell Friday!Janelle:

Hi Nikki,
Here are my pics for show & tell.
The first is a photo of my 4-year-old daughter in all her curly-headed glory! This is a braid out that I never really intended to be a style, but I loved the way it looked. Then she picked up her guitar and started rocking out, and I couldn’t resist snapping a pic :) I wish I could leave her hair like this on a regular basis, but she is just four, so she’d come home with a hair full of tangles if I dared to try it. Still, I love to see her hair out and wild. She inspired me to start my own natural journey :)

The second shot is of me, my daughter and hubby. My hair is a 5-day old rod set that I pulled back with a banana pin to create what I like to call my “curly mohawk.” I always get compliments when I pull it back :) I’m 10 months into my transition and I’m about ready to BC, so I’ll be sure to submit my transition story once I do!
Show and Tell Friday!
Check out my blogs! or

Thanks for being such an inspiration for women like me!

Show and Tell Friday!
Today for Show and Tell, I’ve brought the “New Me”. Although I’ve been natural for 13 years, I recently lost over 130lbs. Now my body is as healthy as my hair. This is me feeling fierce!

Show and Tell Friday!

This shot of me was taken at a family event and is representative of how I usually rock my hair when it’s curly. The crown is much shorter than the back, so I use the clip to disguise the difference in lengths.

Show and Tell Friday!Jamila:
This picture is after I got my hair trimmed at Taji’s Natural Hair Salon in Raleigh. She blew it out a bit, and I was really feeling the fro for the day. Not my usual style, but it was a welcome change.

In the coming weeks, Jamila will be the first to complete a College Curly interview–a new CurlyNikki Spotlight!

Show and Tell Friday!
Hey Nikki!

I have been natural for 9 months and I’m having so much fun with my new length!! This is the longest my hair has been in 3 years!!

Show and Tell Friday!

MochaCurl’s Saturday night chic! Get it chica :)

Show and Tell Friday!Candice:
Hey CurlyNikki,
I am in absolute love with your site. It has been my rock during my transition phase and now my 100% natural phase. It keeps me going when I’m having one of those days and it keeps me in wonder of the journey me and my hair will have together ahead. I just BC’d last week for 21st birthday, I have a head full of 4a &4b and 3c at the nape of my neck. My hair is too short for certain styles at the moment but I love to rock my TWA proudly & fiercely– I find that rocking it with confidence is the BEST accessory ever because if I’m feeling it, then others will feel it too. Thank you much for your site, please keep it going because it keeps me going.

Don’t forget to submit your Show&Tell pictures for next Friday! Use Show&Tell as the subject line!


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