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Curly Nikki

Spa Nik!

By January 27th, 202113 Comments

I plan to deep condition, henna, deep condition again, and do a Twist-n-Curl. I re-upped my henna order last week, so I have 10 luscious boxes of Jamila in the freezer!

What are your hair plans for the weekend?


  • Kimmie0810 says:

    My plan for the weekend was to shampoo (to clarify), condition w/my new GF Triple Nutrition 3min Undo & DT with GF Sleek&
    Shine; and get a TRIM. Everything went wrong lol. I got shampooed at the salon & she "trimmed" my hair to a wacked out weird triangle thingy. She showed me how much she was cutting and I didn't see alot/too much hair falling & on the floor, but it's GONE. I have been transitioning for about 12mos & my hair is 3b & was BSL. I was growing out the layers so that it would all be BSL & I could then decide on a cut/style. My hair is very spiraly & fine so there wasn't a stark contrast between the relaxed hair & my natural hair. It blended well.

    Now? I have this triangle of curly bush w/straight ends sticking out. Horrific! I had not planned to BC, but I'm going to now. I almost walked into a barbershop today to have them just shave it off, but I didn't want to make a rash decision.

    The GF Triple Nutrition was a BUST. It was rough and sticky and made my hair feel dry even when sopping wet. I did the 3min Undo & it was just a tacky dry mess. I DT'd overnight with the GF Sleek & Shine. I'm going back to my tried & true conditioners tonight to see if I can get some sort of softness & texture to this hack job. But as of right now, I've decided to BC & rock a curly fro–which I LOVE. The problem is my hair is wavy & fine & I'm afraid it won't "stand up" and "out" like a 'fro should. Plus my face is a bit full due to weight gain so I didn't want to go so short right now.

    OK. I know this was supposed to be "hair plans" but I HAD to vent. Nobody else understands this. They keep telling me to "blow it out" and rock a bob. Umm my hair is CURLY and suuuuuuuuuper WAVY and I live in FL. A blowout would last all of 30seconds and besides, I DON'T WANT TO! Ack!

    Thanks for "listening" lol

  • Anonymous says:

    I am having problems ordering the shea butter from sistaplace? Do you know of another website that has it?

  • Charlie says:

    This is so funny. I just hennaed my hair about two hours ago. Mehandi Henna for african hair. I will try jamila next time though, but I'm happy with this so far! I'm going to sleep with it on.
    And this had been my plan since wednesday. Ah.

  • Pretty Awesome Penguin says:

    I actually just applied henna for the first time. It's been sitting for about an hour as of now and my head feels so much heavier. I can't wait to see the results after I wash it out tomorrow!

  • FrouLaLa says:

    Thanks for the henna powder tip! I will be untwisting my twists tonight, moisturizing with Anita Grant creamy cafe latte, seal with organic castor & sapote oil and retwisting in chunky twists for a twistout tomorrow.

  • Anonymous says:

    I missed reading "Spa Nik" 🙂
    I'll be shampooing, 🙁 (Miss Jessie's left build-up… After it's empty I'm not buy from that line again) Rinse, Deep Conditioning(20 mins), Rinse, Moisturize then style into a Curly Fro usually lasts 4-6 days.

  • Cygnet says:

    I just cowashed Wednesday night, after which I used a 1:1:2 ratio mix of coconut oil, Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut conditioner, and water, plus the last of my 1:3 mix of African Royale BRX spray and water. I put shea butter on the ends and I mixed up Oyin SD with Long Aid gel activator for definition. I've been sleeping every night since then in plastic bags.

    However, I used too much oil, and my hair didn't feel happy, so I cowashed again this morning, about 2 hours ago, with HE Hydralicious Self-Targeting conditioner, lightly applied the oil/conditioner/water from Wednesday night,waited about 30 minutes, then plonked a few fistfuls of Long Aid into my hair. It's still damp, but my hair feels better now.

  • Nikki Fresh says:

    I just found your site earlier this week and i feel absolutely elated!!! After wearing wigs and braids for so many years (5 years total) since deciding to go natural, finally i am finding how-to tutorials, pictures, etc. that mean something!!! thank you, thank you, thank you….i tried a curly fro today…my husband is gonna be so happy when he gets home…lol

  • Tam says:

    I'm going to cleanse & DT all day today. Afterward, I really want to try the T&C method. I usually twist and bantu-knot, but I want to try something slightly different today. I'm also going on a product scout to build my fall/winter inventory, lol. Good times!

  • Mrs. AKAtude says:

    I just co-washed and did a deep treatment with Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle. I am under the dryer with my Twist N Curl because I will finally get an opportunity to get out and check out Chris Rock's movie, Good Hair, it just opened here in Birmingham, AL yesterday.

  • Priscilla says:

    I plan to do a twist and curl. I recently tried the Donnie Marie leave in conditioner and curling and jelly and wasn't happy. So this is my attempt to salvage the hairstyle AND MONEY I spent on these products…why do I stray away from my HG products? lol

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    Yes ma'am…store your henna powder in the freezer, and indigo and cassia in a cool dark place like a closet or cupboard.

  • aubin says:

    Hi Nikki: Do you keep your unmixed henna (just raw powder) in the freezer? I've only been freezing after mixing it but now I'm wondering if I'm supposed to freeze the unmixed stuff.

    My hair plan will definitely involve a DT this weekend and my usual two strand twist.

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