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Zibby-A Story of Transition

By January 27th, 202115 Comments

Meet Zibby…the blushing bride that decided ‘enough is enough’!

Zibby-A Story of Transition
CN: Were you a long term or short term transitioner, and why?
Z: I was a short term transitioner. After my wedding in 2007, I was stir crazy to have a change with my hair. I had long hair my entire life that I tried to work with but all the damage from the processing – it was time to let it go.

CN: When did you BC? What was your initial reaction to your natural hair?
Z: Everyone tripped out. People were literally insane that I cut off more than 12 inches. My friends were all against it, everyone I knew was not happy that I would take such a drastic change. My sister had gone natural and her hair was fabulous, she cut off the relaxer as her hair grew out and her end results were fabulous…and I totally wanted to do it, but did not have the guts. One day I went to my stylist (who hates relaxers) and said lets do it…she took my hair from a processed nightmare to a cute wedge, and from that I just went all out and went unstraightened. It has been a little under a year since I have been completely curly (no straightening).

CN: What was your transition routine (products included)?
Z: At first I was getting it blown out every two weeks… quickly I got over that and just went curly (meaning wash and go). That worked really well until it started to get cold here and I had to look for something else. One day I ran into CurlyNikki’s site and literally changed my hair routine. I learned how to do the Twist-n-Curl. And girl… you ain’t told nothing but the truth!! It was amazing for my hair. I co-wash once a week, apply Shea Butter and DevaCurl Conditioner or Herbal Essence Twisted (depends on my mood) in equal parts to all sections, twist, curl, bonnet, and then off to bed. In the morning I had a little olive oil for shine and I am good for the go. Every few days I re-wet (with a spray bottle) add more conditioner and retwist (5 twists on each side- takes literally 5 minutes) and I am good until the next cowash. I never use shampoo and I get my hair trimmed often. I also use MissJessie’s to deep condition every few weeks. My routine is VERY simple and I like it that way… with a newborn, a new house, and a full time job, I just don’t have the time nor the inclination.

CN: Any advice for others thinking of transitioning?
Z: Cut it all off! I know you want to hold on to the hair girls— but seriously just do it. It is much easier than holding on to the hair and having to deal with breakage and having two sections of hair.

CN: Why did you choose to go natural?
Z: FREEDOM!! I am no longer a slave to anybody’s schedule, a relaxer, or a product. All I need is water and a good conditioner and can make it happen. It is totally liberating and I am always going around trying to convert the masses. I am embracing me— the way God made me. And that is beautiful!

Zibby-A Story of TransitionZibby-A Story of TransitionZibby-A Story of Transition

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