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Curly Nikki

Flat Twist-Out for Transitioners and Natural Hair

By January 27th, 20212 Comments
Nmoultry of the forum and Autumn of CurlyChronicles are sharing their tips for achieving the baddest flat twist-out…whether you’re natural, or transtioning!

Nmoultry’s Tips for Flat Twisting Transitioners:
Flat Twist-Out for Transitioners and Natural Hair

What You’ll Need:

  • Wide tooth comb (for detangling)
  • Rat tail comb
  • Leave-in conditioner
  • Gel or whatever type of product you use for hold
  • Coconut oil or whatever you prefer to use to seal your ends
  • Gray perm rods

Step by Step Instructions:

  • Co wash hair and follow with your normal deep treatment
  • Detangle thoroughly
  • Put your leave-in product on your hair
  • Part hair in a small section, smooth and comb that section and apply more product if necessary. At this point, add a little bit of gel for extra hold and smooth the hair again
  • Grab two small sections of the hair and proceed to twist.
  • Flat twist hair to the scalp in the same manner you would cornrow hair. The difference is you are manipulating two sections instead of three
  • Twist the hair as close to the hairline as possible, twist straight back, twisting as close to the scalp as possible so that hair doesn’t lift from the scalp, grabbing small sections of hair as you twist. Twist hair as far to the end as possible (I DID NOT stop at my nape).
  • When you can no longer twist the hair, add oil & the perm rod to the end of the hair
  • Repeat process until your entire head of hair is twisted

Flat Twist-Out for Transitioners and Natural HairIMPORTANT NOTE: When transitioning, hair must be completely dry because you are working with two textures. Using this style will camouflage the two different textures. To ensure that your hair is completely dry before unraveling the twists, I’d rec’ you sit under the hooded dryer for 15 minutes or so.

When unraveling the twists take your time!!!! I separate as I unravel the twists. I normally fluff it up to make my hair big.

Autumn’s Flat Twist-Out Video Tutorial


  • Anonymous says:

    ? to all, how would one maintain the transistorizing flat twist through out the week? I have a 10 month and it is hard to re-twist every night! i have just recently decided to go back natural, the perm just does not work for me

  • lexibugg says:

    this is the twist-out technique i use. it just dropped into my thoughts one day during my first attempt at going natural. i love the spirals i achieve, as well as definition. this is how i also assumed nikki did hers until i saw a post showing her technique, which i still need to try.

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