Meet KinkyKurlyQueen…beautiful hair, beautiful woman!

CN: How long have you been natural?

K: I’ve been natural since December 2007.
CN: What is your current regimen?

K: Once a month I shampoo my and pamper my hair with a Cassia treatment followed by a hour of deep conditioning. Every week I deep condition my hair with Aubrey Organics GPB Conditioner, rinse and then a light co-wash with Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner. I trim my ends whenever I feel that it’s necessary, which is not very often, maybe twice a year. Once or twice a year I might flat iron my hair but, when I do I use Frizz Ease Hair Serum as a heat protectant and I always keep my Maxi-Glide on level 2.
CN: How do you maintain length? Moisture?

K: I try not to fuss with my hair too much, so I like to keep my hair in “protective styles” most of the time. Braids, twists and various up-dos keep my ends protected and hair looking cute at the same time. When my hair is loose I can’t keep my hands out of it, which can possibly lead to those pesky single strand knots and I just hate those things.
I love shea butter on my ends and every now and then I’ll massage my scalp with Coconut or Extra Virgin Olive oil.
CN: How do you protect your curls at night?
K: My night time routine is very simple. No satin pillowcases just a silk/satin scarf of a bonnet and I fluff in the morning.
CN: What would you tell a new natural, or transitioning diva?

K: Do your own research. There are tons of blogs and tutorials out there to help you through your transition. It’s very important that you understand your hair and know what works and what does not work for your hair. Try not to be so dependent on others to give you answers, some things you may have to figure out on your own. I had nobody to hold my hand through my hair journey but, I got on my computer and started surfing the net until I found solutions to my questions. My two favorite sites that give me new information almost every day is Fotki and YouTube.
And be patient. Don’t expect to be BSL overnight. Focus more on keeping your hair healthy and the length will come.
Also take pictures of your hair. At times it may seem like it’s not growing or certain issues are not getting any better. Being able to compare pictures allows you see your progress more clearly.

CN: What’s the best thing about being naturally glamorous?

K: Happiness. I’m happy and comfortable with my entire being, that makes me feel naturally glamorous. My hair is a very small part of what makes me who I am and if someone wants to judge me because of the way I wear my hair than that’s their problem. I am naturally glamorous because I no longer follow their rules I make my own.

CN: Anything else you want to add?

K: It’s our job as naturals to tell our story. Obviously we can’t simply rely on Tyra and Chris Rock…FAIL! So the next time someone asks you a question about your hair, if you have a minute, kindly give them an answer. You can’t fault people for what they don’t know. Some folks honestly want to know how we get our hair to do the glamorous things that it does.
And if they still don’t get it, pray for them 🙂
Curly Nikki keep doing your thing girl !!