The lovely MariaG is back, and dishing on her reggie changes and fav products. PJs, get your pens ready…after reading this interview, I added 2 new products to my wish list 🙂

CN: How has your routine changed since your previous interview?
Maria: You interviewed me last year when I had celebrated my first year of having natural hair. I have 2 years under my belt now and have simplified my hair routine. I try to stick to products that I know work for me and not trying anything new. I love the Afroveda line and I also love Jasmine’s Bath and Beauty products. I deep condition weekly with a mix of Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose and Lustrasilk with a splash of coconut oil (my own crazy concoction), I pre-poo once a month with Hairveda Vatika Frosting, I do monthly amla treatments, and butters are my best friends. I change my regimen when the weather changes as well. I co-washed almost every day in the summer time, but now in the fall I will rollerset weekly and keep my hair in a bun.
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CN: What are you current favorite products?
Maria: Oh goodness… I did say I’m trying to keep it simple right? LOL I love Afroveda Kissi Seed conditioner, Afroveda Shea Amla butter and Totally Twisted butter, Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose as a deep conditioner, Jasmine’s Bath and Beauty avocado silk conditioner as a leave-in (that stuff is awesome), Organix hair serum as a heat protectant, avocado butter, Aussie 3 Minute Miracle, I still co-wash with Suave coconut conditioner, Jasmine’s shea butter… yeah I’m TRYING to keep it simple LOL!

CN: your growth is bonkers! what the heck are you doing?
Maria: Ha! Everyone thinks my hair grows really fast, but the truth is I get the same 1/2 inch a month that everybody else gets. I was nape length Sept 2007 after my BC and I’m now close to waist length. I probably retain all 6 inches of hair a year due to being a DIYer. I do my own hair (been to the salon 2x this year), dust my ends every few months, search and destroys as needed, deep condition at least 2x a week, co-wash instead of using shampoo, I use ayurvedic powders (amla, henna, maka, etc) to strengthen my hair, I protect my hair with a satin bonnet every night, I am very gentle when I detangle my hair (large tooth comb followed by the denman), I also bun my hair almost every day and seal with a butter, and wash and go’s are only for the weekends. I also stopped jumping on every bandwagon out there. I now just “listen” to what my hair wants and change my regimen as the seasons change or my hair grows. For example, I co-wash like crazy in the summer time and stay away from heat. In the winter I rollerset my hair on a weekly basis, I may or may not flatiron my hair afterwards, and then leave my hair in a bun. I do enjoy having my hair down from time to time. My hair is my hobby and I find it therapeutic to do my hair. My goal is to grow my hair waist length by Christmas time so I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

CN: Any tips for transitioners?

Maria: Be prepared to have lots of patience, ladies! Sitting there watching your hair grow is probably the hardest thing to do LOL! Try to keep your eye on the prize though and don’t reach for the creamy crack! My relaxed hair was somewhat long, but I was a slave to the salon and always suffered from split ends. Transitioning to natural was hard because my hair was a hot mess at all times up until my BC LOL. Now there are so many more pages, blogs, forums, youtube channels, etc you can read for help with hairstyles and what not. Please do yourselves a favor join a forum for support, had these forums been around years ago I would’ve gone natural years ago. Don’t be upset if those around you are not so happy that you’re transitioning. I kept telling myself that this was between me and God, nobody else. I only told those around me that loved me and understood what I was trying to accomplish, I suggest you do the same. Baby your new growth, try to minimize heat and write a journal if you can. The most difficult part of transitioning to natural is transitioning your mind. You might not know what that menas now, but you will once you do the big chop. Everything you thought you knew about yourself will go out the window once you cut off your relaxed hair – its liberating and quite scary at the same time.

CN: What is your night time routine?
Maria: If my hair is in its curly state I co-wash at night, detangle, apply Shea Amla butter from Afroveda, do two braids and put on a satin cap. If I have rollerset my hair for the week I apply an oil or unrefined shea butter to my ends, put my hair in a bun, put on my trusty satin cap. I find very few split ends and doing the rollersets have minimized single strand knots.

CN: Your favorite natural hair compliment to date?!
Maria: I had a friend ask me if I was wearing extensions a few weeks ago LOL I thought that was pretty awesome. My co-workers call me “chameleon” because I change my hairstyle so much, I always think of it as a compliment. I think my favorite compliment came from my mom, who was at first very against me going natural, every time I see her she tells me how much she loves my hair and that its beautiful.


1– first grade picture taken in 1978 when I was 7. I still have the same frizzy hair in the front!
2– Straight hair flatironed with a CHI – taken Sept 2009
3– Braidout done in October
4– Rollerset hair without being flatironed – my winter regimen (notice the shrinkage)
5– wash and go – I love this hat!

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