Hola Chicas!

Five things:

    • Above, you’ll find a pic of my hair from yesterday, after using…..drum roll please……SAMY’s Curl Creme 🙂  It’s 5.99 at Walgreens and promises to define, add shine, and provide a light, touchable hold.  It definitely follows through on all three.  However, it’s not the magic bullet I was hoping for.  My awesome hair days were probably the result of a few things; (1) dry, crisp weather, (2) twenty minutes under the blowdryer immediately following sytling, (3) product combo–devacare+set it free+samy. To level the playing field, I only used DevaCare One and Samy to style on Sunday night, and while my results are wonderful, it’s not the best I ever had ;~)  I did, however, receive two compliments within an hour of leaving the house.   One of my colleagues is natural as well, and her eyes got big when she saw me– she commented, “Your hair looks amazing! What did you do different?’   It’s super fluffy, uber defined, and has lots of volume…even on day 1. It’s cheap, smells delicious, contains only one cone (amodimethicone), has no protein, only a little glycerin, and is the consistency of a watered down conditioner.  It also has Behentrimonium Methosulfate…my favorite detangling agent in the world!   It’ll probably become a mainstay next summer…I’ll see how my hair handles the glycerin this winter. I’ll do a full review later, but it’s definitely worth a try. 
    • Thanks to all of you that joined the Naturally Beautiful You challenge this week!  The curlies that started their thread on Monday are eligible to win this week’s henna 🙂  Curlies that started their threads today (and later) will be entered in next week’s competition and beyond!  Sharika is going to switch it up too–hair butter one week, and henna the next!  If you haven’t yet, join in on the fun!  Every participating curly will be eligible to win a prize every single week until the end of April 2010!  Sweetness.
    • Be on the lookout for 4 upcoming giveaways…EO, Blended Beauty, Jessicurl, and…..CurlJunkie!  All of these are sponsored by the respective companies and the prizes are full sized bottles ;~)  If I didn’t like you guys so much, I’d probably keep them!
    •  I went hard at Trader Joes yesterday, and picked up a bottle of the Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner that you all speak so highly of (despite the minor amount of protein).  I’ll report back soon!  

    Later gators,


       Today–Less shiny, but the curls are poofier, and I love that!