Hola Chicas!

How was your Halloween?  I stayed in last night and passed out candy to the kiddies…making the costume-less ones tell me jokes!  I stocked my fav candy, so I probably ate more of it than I handed out…which is why I now have a stomachache on top of the head cold I already had.  Good times. Anyway, I asked that the party going CN.com readers share their pics with us…so that we can live vicariously through them!  Nine readers answered the call (click on images to enlarge):

Remember Roxanne from previous spotlights?  She dropped jaws and turned heads last night when she stepped out with this BODACIOUS FRO!  No Afro wigs here 🙂

Christina and her roomie went hard last night with their natural hair too:
Hi Nikki,
Happy Halloween all! We had pouring rain here 🙁  I was a French Maid for Halloween, and my roommate was a vampire. We both did a Braid -n-Curl, but hers didn’t fully dry so it came out a bit frizzy. My curls are a day old in these pictures.

Shelita’s gorgeous babe: 
Hi Nikki,
Here are some pics of my 7yr old daughter in her Cleopatra costume. She’s rockin’ a twist-out (her favorite style) from 3 day old twist. These pics were taken after a LONG night of partying and trick-or-treating. Enjoy! 🙂


I wore my natural hair as mouse ears!

Hi Nikki!
Love the blog! I just wanted to share my Halloween pic of my costume as a “Cosmo Cover Girl” with my own beautiful, natural, curly hair!

Hi Nikki,
I was a ventriloquist doll and I rocked my natural hair!

Halloween has to be one of my favorite times of the year…..this year I was Lady Luck.  I relied on my trusty up-do…..here are some of my favorite pictures!

I was a cavewoman for Halloween and found it to be the perfect costume for my 4 day old wash & go (left in aloe vera gel my new love). I actually won best overall costume at work!!

Later Gators,