The beautiful and insightful Leslie, of Naturally Leslie is back, and she’s got babies on the brain 🙂

Nooooooo…not like that. You see, after reviewing one of Tyra’s hair episodes, I got to thinking about our beautiful children. The saddest segment of the whole show was the part about the little girls expressing disgust for their own natural hair. I work with middle school children and I hear comments about “good hair vs nappy hair” all the time. ALL THE TIME! When I had my twists, there was a 7th grader that also had some kinky twists. I told her how cute they were and she said she was thinking about going natural. But as soon as they came out, she got a perm. She said she just couldn’t handle the nappy mess. What can I say? I was not able to even think about returning to natural either at such a crucial time in my identity development, where peers and social pressures overwhelm you to conform. It’s ok, maybe one day she will at least give herself the chance to explore it….

I wish all children of color could grow up in an environment where their own beauty is affirmed and exalted. Self esteem issues do not stop with feelings about looks, but they spill over into academic achievement as well. A lot of the kids I see feel like they are less than, so they perform that way. Somehow changing that false belief is part of my mission as I work with kids.