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Curly Nikki

Curl Bashing on TMZ

By January 27th, 202149 Comments

Curl Bashing on TMZA reader forwarded this TMZ article to me. She writes:

“What is TMZ implying with this title.. I would love for all the curlies to leave their comments on this article to counter all the negative and ignorant comments already left. This is unacceptable.”

Check it out and come back and let us know what you think.

Personally, I feel the comments are incredibly hurtful and rude. Was I surprised? Hells no. On a positive note, Jaden’s hair is gorgeous and I’m so happy that his movie career is taking off! Kudos to Will and Jada for letting him rock his hair in all its glory!

Totally random, but everytime I see Erykah, all I can hear is Joan’s voice (from Girlfriends) saying, ‘I love you Badu! Nobody can do it like you do Badu!’. I love me some Girlfriends… I’d give anything for another season with the original cast.


  • Anonymous says:

    Just another example of ignorance! If you can't say anything nice….THEN SHUT UP!

  • Anonymous says:

    This is America and we must remember that the ignorance is still out there, and it is strong. For them to disrespect a young child is disgusting. We talk about children need to stop bullying but I personally think that the media is the biggest bully out there. (random thought)

  • Anonymous says:

    I know this is an old thread, but I just saw it.

    The comment from TMZ wasn't offensive to me. Even the negative comments,(I haven't read all of them) aren't that offensive to me.

    My concern is that we as black people have to be able to take criticism without feeling that our blackness is somehow under attack. Even if comments are anti-big hair, relax, it doesn't have to be so serious. Think about all the ways we pick apart celebrities in general: clothes, hair, weight, looks, mates, their work, its part and parcel of being in the public eye.

    Secondly, many black people have pointed out that when non-black celebrities have features that blacks are known for, society goes ape for them, heralding them as the best thing since sliced bread. I've always thought, can you imagine the charges of racism black folks would hurl at society if say, JLO was black and the public focused so much on the size of her butt?
    Or if Angelina Jolie was black and the size of her lips were so often commented on? It wouldn't go over well. Sometimes, I wonder if society isn't just trying to stay out of hot water, by not commenting on the looks of black actresses. Who wants to risk all the trouble?

    A prominent physical feature got JLO A-list status as a celebrity. You didn't hear her complaining it was racist, since many latinas have ample rears. She took it in stride and worked her career. Geez, don't take everything as some attack on us as a people. It just shows how self conscious we are. And that's always very unattractive…and sad.

  • Adlyn says:


    I'm Christian Conservative and I don't think that way. What you said is a blanket statement and REALLY misleading.

  • M.J. says:

    I had to leave a comment on TMZ after I saw some of the previous comments…they were just awful. A comment that really struck me was one left by a black woman. She said his hair looked like it would have lice. Since when did natural hair become unclean??? I don't care what white people think, as I don't like their hair either (if we wanna talk about lice, I went to school with 'em all my life and that's all they get…bugs in the hair). But, it always bothers me when I see Black people making ignorant comments. That just pisses me off!

  • Anonymous says:

    It is really sad and mind boggling at the comments that people have made and the article that was written about african american hair. I am still just blown away at how people are still responding after all of these years we are still going through the same thing. UNBELIEVEABLE…..I have to be honest I was little angry about the comments.

  • Anonymous says:

    I don't know which is worse…the article or the comments. So many people are uncomfortable with natural hair and have a hard time accepting it's beauty.

  • MB says:

    I commented:
    Some of these comments like the one about Negros wearing their hair like this are really racist. That is the child's natural hair. God gave that to him. How dare anyone call what God has created naturally …what He's created in His own image…"dirty." I'll bet these racists are conservative Christians too. Thank heavens that there is a such thing as eternity and judgement day. And super thank heavens that God's the only one in control of those.

  • Anonymous says:

    The comments are worse than the post itself. But you're dealing with AOL, that's where all of the ignorant closet (or not so closet) racists hang out. Don't put much stock into what's written there.

  • Anonymous says:

    Clicked on the link to read what was written before I commented. I didn't see anything offensive about what they wrote. As for the last comment, 'one of them is the…we're just saying'…it was probably a reference to them both having the same big hair (looking like twins from their standpoint) so guess which one is in the new movie. Anyway, If anything the bloggers were the one's that went in on him and his hair NOT TMZ. Furthermore, I don't know why black ppl requent that site. I never go there unless directed too because something such as this post was brought to my attention.

  • Anonymous says:

    If you read the comments underneath the pictures, you will see that TMZ is "clowning" this child, Badu, and Black hair. It says: "One of them is the new "Karate Kid". The next line: "We're just sayin."

    Now, what are those two lines "saying"? To the sheep, it says nothing, all is well; to others, you know it's disrespect. That's how THEY get over on us . . . their use of words, used to degrade us . . . and we still have no understanding of such.

    True, many of the commentors were horrible, but if you believe TMZ didn't start the ball rolling . . . I got some island property in Arizona for sale!

  • luvleelox says:

    I read the comments on the TMZ website and I am just irritated by the ignorance as well as the fact that we have be so conditioned and have conditioned the rest of the world to consider nappy hair some type of friggin anomaly.

    @ isis-athena-virgo: yes, I did!

  • Anonymous says:

    I don't understand the big deal, it's only hair. Why people on TMZ feel the need to comment on it is beyond me. How Jaden or Ericka Badu chooses to express themselves is their right and choice. It's not like they're hurting anyone.

  • Dirty Diana says:

    okay…lets hit the breakdown for those that are ill informed and ignorant to self expression and cultural heritage……

    Points as follows……
    #1. Its HIS hair!!!!!!
    -Who are we to say this is unattractive, needs to be cut, tamed and appropriate…WHAT is appropriate????? and to whose standards are we diluting ourselves to..the same culture that rocks clip-on extensions..when we can CLEARLY see the clip…the same culture that insists on parading around with jet ass black hair and those ratty ass clip in blond strands…ahem celebs u are not immune!!!! don't get it twisted either or is it our culture with members insisting on flaunting that ugly rat tail attached to a short do" quick weave….YOU ARE not keri hilson..and its ugly on HER!!!! or the culture that continues to flounce around with black-brown roots and bodacious blond or fiery red boxed "botch" color jobs…C'ome…Kea::curls…hunny i wouldn't want to sit next to any of them…"How U doing"

    #2 At what point did we feel the need to tear down self expression…..
    IF Jaydens natural healthy head of hair is considered toooo much then we have a lot of people that need to sit the hell down for "doing too much"
    Lil Wayne….the tats on the eyelids, neck, forehead, fingertips, cornea…Now that is out of control….sit the hell down!!!!
    Rihanna…….the stripper gear, and whoring shoes……sit the hell down!!!!
    Burke Hogan…girl ur skin needs to be looked at;)sooo does that man tune u call singing!! sit the hell down!!!
    And Miley "WTF" Cyrus……that ill fitting Walmart line, and ur lalohan whore in training ensembles!!! Sit the hell down
    BUT NO WE APPLAUD THEIR SELF EXPRESSION…do ya sense the dichotomy???

    #3. At the end of the day!!! Applaud the child for having healthy hair, amazing talent, brillant parent, and the audacity to keep doing him!!!! There are plenty of people in this world that are going to try and dilute your creative mixture whatever that is, whoever your are..all we can do is simply keep mixing and mixing until our solution taste good to ourselves!!!

    And to all the haters, who don't have the hutspah to just do them, simply send them a "kill yourself letter" and keep it moving…U only answer to u

    PEACE,PUSH, and PERSEVERE to all my lovely curlies…yours truly ASHBASH!!!!

  • KeetaRay says:

    Totally agree with Miss Malorie's comment & many of the others – the comments left on TMZ's site in reference to the pics were pure and utter ignorance. I can't say that I am surprised, tho – sadly.

  • msjakkia says:

    I left a comment to address the foolishness people were saying under the article. I wasn't particularly offended by TMZ's article, but it did open a flood gate of ignorance. I know it's out there, but it never stops dissappointing me that people are so hateful and beyond ignorant.

  • Anonymous says:

    CurlyNikki I had to respond to the post on TMZ. The comments went beyond the borderline. I was soo… dissapointed, however, i knew this would happen.
    I decided to comment as well.All of us curly naturals and anyone with natural hair period! have to speak out!


  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    Anon108, maybe I should have been more clear in the original message. The writer is not at fault (I suppose he was trying to make a funny!), the readers are curl bashing. But as I told the reader who submitted it, and u guys too, Im not surprised :/.

  • Anonymous says:

    And it wasn't just TMZ. Sadly, it's no surprise that people were calling his hair unkempt, unruly, etc. Ignorance…

  • isis-athena-virgo says:

    i read the comments under the article 🙁 i can say it's a sad day when not only whites were bashing his hair, but blacks as well. the more i read the angrier i got. but then i remembered what katt williams said (it goes something like this) if they hatin' on you, then it must mean that you are doing something right. so go on and get a few chuckles out of them haters!!! i loved how people stood up for jaden and ms. badu. i hated that they said he looked dirty. are you serious? this kid is so fresh. #80 way to go girl!!! another funny was the biracial girl that was so proud of her wavy hair. did anyone want to find her and slap her? oh mista charlie i'sa sorry fo' offendin u.

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm not understanding how this is "bashing curlies"? In that particular photo they both have big hair maybe there where teasing that he was "biting" her style. I'm curious to know EXCACTLY what made that comparison curl bashing? Is it because she has a kinky texture? If so that says more about the reader and not TMZ

  • Maria says:

    I never read any comments on TMZ. Actually I don't usually read comments on most commercial sites – newspapers, youtube, etc… because usually the most hateful and racist comments are left there.
    Jaden's hair is beautiful and kudos to his parents for letting that boy express himself through his hair. I love me some Erykah Badu but unfortunately that's just a big wig. A nice wig, but a wig nonetheless.

  • Unknown says:

    I just viewed more pictures Jaden's hair on LHCF and seeing it from other angles it could of look more formal. I was getting all up in a uproar because some of those comments on TMZ was bashing all afro textured hair but most was considering the event. There is a time a place for a style. Right now I'm mad as hell that boy's hair is bigger than mine!!! LOL!!

  • ♡ ♥ [m a r i . b e e]. ♡ says:

    people say ANYTHING over the internet. honestly, i read some of the comments, at first was upset, but then decided that that is just how people are–especially people in america. i have to the conclusion (in my dreaded history class this last quarter) that it's basically "tradition"for americans to be axxholes like that. i just read the comments, replied with "his hair is beautiful" and went on to catching up on blogs i'm following.

    the whole point of their negative comments is to get a reaction out of us, and that it what they got.

  • Beads, Braids & Beyond says:

    Ugh. I read a few of the comments. I think we all know these are the same people who would walk by with their head down. They lack self esteem so they try to put down others. Shame, shame, shame.

  • Jennae @ Green Your Decor says:

    I'm so tempted to reply to all the idiots, but it's not worth my time or energy. But seriously, I WISH someone — black or white — would walk up to me and say some stuff like that. It has never happened to me, and I can't wait until the day that it doesn't happen to anyone else, either. But haters will be haters, so we just have to keep loving our curly heads no matter what anyone else thinks and keep supporting each other 🙂

  • Tina Beanie says:

    It's really sad that grown folks need to attack a child to make themselves feel better…and the commenter #82 need to shut up her wanna be mouth. She can best believe she is one of those who think by siding with Whites makes her accepted. I'm sure they would have no problem with you cleaning their houses and taking care of their kids!! LOL!

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree with Kea::curls; that ignorant statement from the "half black" individual was the worse because it displays such hate for kinky/curly black hair, coming from another BLACK person, …whichever half she chooses to identify with.

  • Kea::curls says:

    I agree that TMZ didn't necessarily step out of line. It's all the comments and mindsets of people that sadden me. This has got to be one of the worst because it's made by a woman of color:

    82. I'm half black and never been in Africa, so please do not call me racist when I don't say that this boy is cute or good looking, just because he's black. I do not like his hairdo, period! I wouldn't like to sit behind him in a show or movie theater, the same I would feel with a white guy with dirty greasy long hair. Ugly is Ugly no matter the race, and do not give me that crap about his confidence and pride blah, blah, blah! he does look like a punk.Thank God I have wavy dark brown hair.

    Read more:

  • NappySince10/01/08 says:

    aw HELL naw! I dont even wanna go to the link b/c I know how stupid and IG'Nant people are. But, they better not had been talking about my Jaden. He is one of my hair idols and that's right no one does it like Badu lol. I miss Girlfriends too. I'll never get into the Sex In The City craze, EVER… Girlfriends was MY show!

  • Donnagwen says:

    My name is Donna, and I'm out of Philly. I just had to respond directly to TMZ! I basically told them "GOD BLESS WILL AND JADA FOR HAVING THE PERSONAL INTEGRITY TO BE TRUE TO THEMSELVES AND ALLOW THEIR KIDS TO ROCK THEIR BEAUTY AS THEY SEE FIT," and that everything that's beautiful isn't straight, light or conservative. This crap burns my butt. That #$% is as bad as folks actually taking issue with the Michelle Obama letting her daughter wear HER HAIR in its natural state. But that's okay, folks. Things like this should serve as a healthy reminder that while progress has been made in this country, WE'VE STILL GOT A HELL OF A LONG WAY TO GO.

  • Anonymous says:

    I hope you guys realize that there are a lot of African-americans who are also unsupportive of his new look. It's not just people of other races, we have self-hate in our OWN community. They're even bashing his hair on

  • Namun says:

    The negative comments I read on the TMZ really blew me away. I forget how cruel and ignorant people can be.

  • Anonymous says:

    The comment someone left implying that he would soon have lice tripped me out, white people are famous for having lice

  • NIAELAN says:

    Please note I am referring to the comments on TMZ not the comments on CN!!!

  • NIAELAN says:

    I didn’t see a negative connotation in the TMZ blurb. I think “Badu to the Bone” is a compliment because Miss Badu consistently affirms the beauty of individuality. Please note: I didn’t read the comments because I learned long ago to ignore the opinions of the ignorant and uninformed!! On a lighter note, I direct my fellow curly divas to YouTube for a funny but poignant take on our hair from a brother who is older and wiser…..

    One of my favorite YouTubers (Mahoghany Knots) interviewed her father about our hair – enjoy!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I did not have a problem with the TMZ post itself.
    However, some of the comments were so downright ignorant and racist that they did not deserve a reply from me. You can't school jerks like that. They get a kick out of knowing they've gotten a rise out of people. I won't give the satisfaction.

  • Melinda says:

    I have read enough, just another example of the complete IGNORANCE of most of America which more surprisingly is not all white, u would be so so surprised at the number of Black people or "African Americans" that feel the same way. When r we gonna stop all of this self hating prejudice that exisit within and outside of our race, I am just gonna start with me, it will take a while to change the thinking of a people, even my own people. When is this gonna stop, when we stop giving in and tryna conform to standards that r NOT our own!! That's when.

  • Hemlines and Haute Spots says:

    Okay, well I just lit TMZ up! The title and post was not bad,however, the comments were offensive and I had to GO ALL THE WAY IN. I am number 70 on the comment board so you can go and read it. I am so tired of white people hating on us. CURLIES UNITE!! *Miz B

  • VaVaVaVoom says:

    Ummm…Hello guys, this is not just TMZ that is bashing curlies. I just saw the post of Jaden and Willow's hair on a BLACK OWNED AND OPERATED blog, who's name will no t be mentioned. Lets just say, she has relaxed hair. The first thing I thought was, "Wow, Jaden has beautiful hair. I wish I had the same". Black folks have a self-imposed complex about hair too. Im sure a lot of those nasty comments on TMZ are from plenty of self-hating Black folks too. SMDH! I get tired of this ish…for real.

  • ChrLvsBks says:

    TMZ states he is adorable and the next Karate Kid. They also he is 'Badu to the Bone' like Erykah. To me this suggests longevity in his career–acting. Badu is bad to the bone to many, me included. She doesn't care what others think and listens to the beat of her own drum.

    The comments, not sure why I read them, were varied. I was saddened to read how some felt about the hair growing out of Jaden's hair.

  • Anonymous says:

    Just the conformed ignorance and naivete of mainstream media. Plain and simple.

  • just my take says:

    i didn't check out the comments on tmz before i originally posted.

    but people need to just cut the crap because if you check out the various sites, ads and people walking in the streets — curly, wavy and natural are in!!

    its healthier and our next generation of kids and us older folks are re-learning to understand our hair and embrace it.

    ignorant people will never embrace change, diversity and learn to respect what they don't know…

    remember how people were online attacking poor solange a few months ago…

  • Anonymous says:

    TMZ is garbage. ran by people too damn old to be engaging in gossip and bashing, and any one that waste time on this garbage, is well…. let me not go there. and as far as comments, i never read the comment because they are always toxic especially when pertaining to us, but i wish you guys would realize they hate us cuz' the ain't us!!! believe it or not!!

  • Krissy90220 says:

    I'm with you @just my take. I don't see a reason to get upset abt TMZ's post…they didn't say anything negative or imply it…I've seen worse from TMZ.

  • Anonymous says:

    tmz doesn't seem to be implying anything other than that jaden's hair looks like badu's; and it does.

    a lot of the comments under the article are negative but that's not tmz's doing.

  • just my take says:

    i dont think the title is stating anything negative. jaden is going to be starring in the next karate kid movie. badu and jaden look alike and are rocking the same hairdo.

    they also stated that he is adorable.

    i dont think they are being insulting.

  • Anonymous says:

    TMZ exists solely for the reason to stir up controversy for the sake of ratings. They're trying to make an issue out of something most people wouldn't give two craps about on any other day. Making something out of nothing and getting paid at the same time. Hardly surprising, to be honest.

    As far as the comments go, many of them are caught up in the trap that in order to look acceptable, you have to look like EVERYONE ELSE: straight hair for women, hair cuts for men. Stray from that, and you get slammed with "do something to your hair". This is just another example of the unrelenting pressure to conform to ideals and standards of appearance that are NOT YOUR OWN.

    A lot of them are also idiots with nothing else to do but insult others because they can't/won't look themselves in the mirror. Typical BS at its finest. =P

  • M says:

    I remember when we first got our computer and I got onto an AOL chat and had my first taste of finding out how people out there in cyberspace think. I was 12. And I never forgot the feeling of indignation I felt. It was then that I learned, and have been reminding myself ever since, that you don't have to be smart to use the internet. You just need a computer.

    Idiots frequent cyberspace because it gives them an outlet to speak without reproach… well, at least without reproach that will sincerely affect them. I'm not categorizing the people who hold opinions such as "God, he should cut his hair!" as idiots, because everyone is entitled to their own opinions. But rather, the people who act as though his hair is from outer space… but then again, it's all about the mentality. Who knows, a year or two ago, I might have been thinking, "man, they should do something with his hair" also.

    I think his hair is the bomb 🙂 Why do people care so much about things that have nothing to do with them? It's why TMZ is in business!

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