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Curly Nikki

More Styles for Natural Hair Babes

By January 27th, 202110 Comments

NikG of BeadsBraidsBeyond dishes on ways to keep baby girl’s natural hair healthy and beautiful, without pulling yours out!

Today I am going to share the Veil Style with you all. It’s really easy, cute, and fun!


1.Part your first front section. Tie it off with a rubberband/elastic. Tip: Always soak your rubberbands in olive oil before you use them and make sure the hair is well moisturizied, especially at the area you are placing the rubberband. Only wrap the rubberband/elastic a few times.
More Styles for Natural Hair Babes
2. Next, you are going to part your second row. Start parting from about the middle of the ear to the other side of the middle ear. From here, I go ahead and section off all of the boxes for the second row. We had 6 boxes in our second row for this style. It all depends on how much hair your little girl has, you may need more or less. When I start parting the boxes for the second row, I start by parting a line down the middle from the first row and go from there. You do not want your boxes lined up, you want a brick pattern.

3. Split your first front section into two pieces. Tie your first piece (along with the hair in that section) into the box behind your front section and do the same for your next piece.

4. Go ahead and tie your other boxes in your second row off with a rubberband/elastic.

5. Part your third row, go ahead and make your boxes. I twist them to keep them out of the way.
More Styles for Natural Hair Babes6. Place your choice of ribbon under the section row, start splitting each section into two and tieing them off with the third rows sections. Tie the ribbon in the back of the head for better hold.

7. Place ribbon under the third row. Split each section into two and tie it off in the back and you are done!
More Styles for Natural Hair BabesFrom here, you have many options. You can leave the hair down in its natural state, do a flexi-rod set, put it in a ponytail/bun, braid it, twist it, etc.

More Styles for Natural Hair BabesHere’s another veil style. I basically did the same thing but used smaller boxes, and added beads. I did box braids in the back.

More Styles for Natural Hair Babes
More Styles for Natural Hair Babes


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