NikG of BeadsBraidsBeyond dishes on ways to keep baby girl’s natural hair healthy and beautiful, without pulling yours out!

If you are a mommy to a little girl then your hair accessories are probably endless, and still growing I bet. I mean between the headbands, beads, barrettes, clips, and bows it probably turns into a mess, right?

I remember back when I first started learning how to style A’s hair, I would always buy random hair accessories and throw them all in this huge bag. Well, that didn’t work. When I needed something I would have to dump the entire bag out and search for that white clip or that pink ballie. On top of that, everything was wrapped around each other! It was not a good sight, that’s for sure. Plus, it made things stressful. Especially if we didn’t have a lot of time.

Now we have this little setup that works out perfectly. I found some things around the house and made it work. You can too!

First we have this super cute cupcake themed bow holder from Little Lady & Me. All the bows hanging are from Little Lady & Me as well.

Next, we have a storage bin I had laying around the house. I finally put it to good use. You should be able to find one of these at Walmart, Target, etc for around $10-$15.

I have beads in ziplock baggies, headbands in a bag that came with one of A’s princess sets, ponytail holders in ziplock baggies, barrettes/ballies in onesie packs. (thanks to her baby brother!) I also have the spray bottle hanging on the side, and combs and other various things on the bottom.

I hung up a long ribbon on the side of the storage bin and added all of A’s bows.

On the other side of the bin I have curlers. The flexi-rods and rollers are in bags that came with her princess sets.

I took these pictures so you can get a better look at everything. Ponytail holders, headbands, rubberbands, and other unopened accessories.

Barrettes/ballies in onesie packs. 🙂

Beads in ziplock baggies.

Hair tools.

Hair curlers.

I try to keep everything color coordinated. It is very helpful. Especially when you’re dealing with beads. At one point I had all of the beads in a jar together and I struggled finding the right colors to put on the beader.

So there you have it! Our little set up. I hope it has given you some ideas. I know we will have to upgrade to something bigger soon but for now this is what works for us…