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Curly Nikki

New Year’s Resolutions and STL Pics

By January 27th, 202112 Comments

Hola Chicas!

I thought I’d share a few of my fav pics from Christmas break, along with my New Year’s Resolutions!

Laying on Gma’s lap 🙂

New Year's Resolutions and STL Pics

Me and hubbyNew Year's Resolutions and STL Pics

I plan to:

1. Deep treat every time I wet my hair.
2. When dry styling, use a comb or brush only the *first* time, and my fingers for subsequent sessions.
3. Henna at least once a month.
4. Take my vitamins everyday!
5. Walk everyday… (at least 4 times a week).
6. Drink at least 48oz of water daily.

That’s all I got! What about you? What are you your goals for next year?!

In other news, Aunty stopped by my house with her hair looking all fly! Check out what she did:

New Year's Resolutions and STL Pics
1. Started with dry, stretched hair (an old twist-out).
2. Used fingers to detangle (she can’t comb or brush dry hair because it creates frizz).
3. Made 8-10 two strand twists, moisturizing with the Setting Lotion Mix as she went along.
4. Rolled each twist into a bantu knot.
5. Spritzed knots with Set it Free.
6. Put on a scarf, went to sleep.
7. Took them down in the morn, and fluffed.



  • Anonymous says:

    What is Henna?

  • Unknown says:

    Well I do not have any goal or resolution for this new year but I will try for more hair growth.These are really very nice pictures.Its good to know about your goals for you hair.I like that you have shared this wit us.


  • NewbieNaturalDiva says:

    Hey Nikki!
    I am with you on the water resolution! I am also with MyLoveMyLife on not buying anymore products until I have used all of the ones I have. I also plan to try wearing twist outs more this year than roller sets. My hair tangles so much after wearing a tight roller set for a week.

    Happy New Year!

  • Anonymous says:

    Happy New Year Nik! Miss ya! BTW you and hubby gon' make some purty babies 🙂


  • svrbrownsuga says:


    I plan to try new hair styles and master braid outs even tho im a twist out girl ;D . I also plan to henna once a month and let my hair do its thing 😀

  • Anonymous says:

    Happy New Year Natural Ladies…

    I will attempt to master the twist-n-curl…

    Try other hairstyles at work (that's going to be a tough one–I am a creature of habit–always in a bun)…

    Continue to seek-n-find products that work w/my hair the best….

    Continue to educate, encourage and motivate other naturals and wanna be naturals 🙂 The other day my neice said: I can't wait until my hair can do that–I was wearing my hair out after a semi-botched twist-n-curl :):) She hasn't had a perm in over six months…and is asking more questions about how to care for her hair–HOORAY!!!!

  • KiKiB says:

    i plan on:
    1. not buying ANYMORE products until i use ALL of what i have first (im a bit of a product junkie)
    2. letting my hair grow out (i cut it not long ago and now i want it back.i do this every year i think)
    3.keeping it protected

  • erika says:

    vamos lá… no ano que vem eu quero:

    1. no-poo 2 vezes por semana
    2. condicionamento profundo todas as vezes que lavar a cabeça
    3. usar oleos vegetais e essenciais
    4. tomar vitaminas diariamente
    5. manter estilos de proteção
    6. fazer exercicios fisicos semanalmente, de segunda a sexta

  • Relaxed2Natural says:

    cuuute! Weeellll since u asked! recent bc'er so my New "Hair" resolution would be to finally settle into a stead hair regimen. Most of it comes from how i handled my hair but i had to tweak it since by bc and it'll probably change with the season…however:

    1. Co-wash 2 a week
    2. lightly shampoo with sulfate-free poo 1 a month
    3. Deep condition 1 a week
    4. oil scalp everyother day
    5. moisturize ends every day
    6. dust ends after protective styling

    happy new year 2 nikki and all!!

  • Anonymous says:

    what type of vitamins are you going to take?

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    Her hair is naturally dark brown. She used to wear her hair dyed ashe blond/light auburn. She hasn't dyed her hair in more than a year now. What you see is mostly the result of Jamila Henna! Henna has made her hair so thick and full!!!

    thanks for the compliments 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    Omg Nikki u are gorgeous girl. Your hair frames your face so well. You and your aunt have amazing hair. What does she use to get her hair that redish color?

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