Silky Coils is back, and she’s celebrating her 1 year natural anniversary!

DUDE my fro is huge…

A year ago on this date (well actually it was more like on November 13th), I decided to chop my hair off and start over. Lol. After about 8 months of transitioning (which was suppose to be longer…but I digress), I removed my first set of braids and had at it (with the scissors). Lol.

When I think back to my first initial response to my new look, I remember having thoughts of doubts and even wanting to cry. “What have I done” is a phrase that I remember saying over an over. See like most newbies, I was not totally sure of what I was getting myself into, but couldn’t turn back..not now. After the support and love of many of you who follow me AND have their own blog at that, the journey became easier and a very liberating decision. To this date, I don’t understand why I even doubted myself AND my natural black beauty.

At first, my family was a little shocked. Some snide comments here and there and a lot staring. Fast forward to the present day…nothing but compliments (even from those none nappy headed lovers). I have even had family members asking me how to help their children hair be as healthy and soft besides using the relaxer/perm method…..for convenience, manageability and cost savings….HA….who would have guest that.

Its amazing how one person can spark a new appreciation of what it means to be black AND what is beauty. This right here is why I decided to let go of the chemicals and heat. To be a beacon of hope and inspiration to all my naturalistas (especially my 4 A/C divas); that its ok to let your TRUE beauty shine threw when it comes to hair AND that you don’t need to have it straightened to be accepted.

This journey has been a humbling one for me, and I am so thankful and appreciative that God had me embark on this journey now at this age, versus earlier (or later). Below are more pics I took to commemorate my new hair, looks and length to you…my family.

ok so I was in the car trying to motivate myself to go into Walmart to shop…it was crazy

this is my favorite look

To each of you, thank you so much for your love and support!

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