Hey Ladies,

I would like to make video showcasing ladies with Teeny Weeny Afros (TWAs). I think that this video would be very inspirational to anyone who is considering doing the big chop but is hesitant about doing it in fear of having short hair. (If anyone is interested) I am asking you ladies that have just big chopped, have TWAs, or has had a TWA, to submit your best picture of your TWA and a picture of your hair before your big chop. I would like to have this video posted on YouTube no later than January 1st. The deadline to submit your pictures will be Tuesday, December 29th.

Please send pictures to [email protected] using TWA Inspiration Video as the subject line.

You will need to submit:

– A picture of your hair before your Big Chop
– A picture of your hair after your Big Chop (TWA)
– Make sure you submit your best photos!

Thank You!