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Curly Nikki

Show and Tell– The Christmas Edition

By January 27th, 202115 Comments

Hola Chicas,

Did y’all miss me?! I sure missed you! I was without internet access for 2 days… it felt like a friggin’ eternity. Although it’s no longer Friday, I thought I’d share the Fierce Christmas pics that I’ve received over the past few days. I hope each of you had a blessed and delightful Christmas. I went to midnight Mass, cooked with granny and my sister on Christmas morn, opened gifts, ate lots, slept, and ate some more! It was awesome.

Anyway, show your fellow CN.comers some love!

Show and Tell-- The Christmas Edition

Happy Holidays! I decided to do a simple wash n go puff for christmas. That’s it!

Show and Tell-- The Christmas Edition

Courtney from Miami here! This is my Christmas look!

Show and Tell-- The Christmas EditionMary:
I just turned 20 on the 20th and wanted to have my last kiddy Christmas, so I did pigtails and curls! I got this style from the post titled ” Baby Girl’s Natural Hair and Flexi Rods” from They came out great and everyone adored me. Pulled them off with the hat the next day as well.

Show and Tell-- The Christmas EditionBrittn44:
This is my Christmas Eve look. The style was a few days old (*lol*). I did two flat twists on each side, and pinned the rest of the hair in the top. In the back, I did a Twist-N-Curl with foam rollers on straightened hair, but I prepped it with my olive oil-water mixture and Garnier Fructis Sleek-N-Shine Leave In Conditioner Creme. For Christmas Day, I just tied it back in a ponytail. (btw, I’m transitioning and about to BC.)

Show and Tell-- The Christmas EditionCurlyErnie:
I hope this holiday has brought you lots of love, blessings and of course a few gifts! Here’s my hair today, a bantu knot out on a 4 day old roller set (a la MahoganyCurls). Thanks for all of your support on my journey to reclaim my curl pattern. I’ve been natural for almost 7 years, but excessive heat use and curl abuse has robbed me of a consistent curl pattern.

Show and Tell-- The Christmas EditionShow and Tell-- The Christmas EditionLa’Shara:
This picture was taken @ my birthday party. I had a fabulous time! I refreshed my twist out the night before with GF Sleek and Shine leave in conditioner, retwisted, sealed with Shea Butter and rolled for a dry twist out. I also co-washed last with Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa conditioner, I like it.

Show and Tell-- The Christmas EditionStephanie:

I have been natural for about six years now. I’ve been wearing my hair flat ironed on a regular basis. I finally decided to try something new and keep the heat away from my hair. All I have to say is….LOVING IT. This was my first twist out. We were on our way to church and we stopped at the gas station when I snagged this pic (this explains my husband in the background making a funny face at our two year old). I have gotten so many compliments and I feel “healthier” with my hair like this!

Show and Tell-- The Christmas EditionShow and Tell-- The Christmas EditionI took my two day old twists out and pinned the top in a criss cross fashion. Got lots of compliments and it kept my hair out of my face!

Show and Tell-- The Christmas EditionShow and Tell-- The Christmas EditionKattya:
Date Night!!!!! We were both done with school for the semester and my attending gave me a gift certificate to a local Indian restaurant… So I asked him out on a date (check yes or no) and we ended up getting dolled up for the evening. This is a 3 day old twist out- lots of frizz and very little definition of my curls at the ends but nonetheless… gotta make it work (and my hubby gave me many compliments… or is that mandatory on date night?).

Show and Tell-- The Christmas Edition

This is a picture of my first Faux/Fro Hawk and the first style I’ve EVER loved with my natural hair. My total attitude changed when I left my stylist’s shop! I was on my way to church in this pic and HAD to get some documented proof of how fly my natural hair can be! Love your site and thanks for giving all of us curlies, coilys, twisties and nappies some shine!

Show and Tell-- The Christmas Edition

Here is a pic of me and the husband from my holiday party. Due to concern about my ends, I have been wearing two strand twists for weeks. I rolled the ends this time(per your example) and untwisted. I pulled the side back and secured with IC gel and bobby pins! Wal-la!


  • Anonymous says:

    @ CuryErnie: I absolutely love your hair! I'm new to the natural hair journey and suffering from recent heat damage myself :( Pls share ur experience and offer some tips. I feel like I've tried just about everything and feel as though I shd give up!!!

  • Licklemslady says:

    @ Mahogany curls…Wow! you puff looks super cute. Your hair seems to be growing pretty fast!

    @ Courtney…i've seen your YT video(if im not mistaken) and see your pics here n there. Always cute. Do you blog about your hair also or fotki?

  • Anonymous says:

    Loving Courtney's and Mary's style

  • Stephanie says:

    Thank you Ladies for the compliments!

    For the first picture (sitting in car) I washed and conditioned my hair with the Herbal Essence Totally Twisted products. I didn't keep the conditioner in. I twisted my hair (about 20 twists) with glycerin/water mix and coconut oil.

    The second and third pics I co-washed my hair with the same conditioner and left a lot of the conditioner in my hair. I put the same amount of twists in and also used the coconut oil, but I sealed the ends with 100% shea butter. The conditioner and the shea butter is what really helped there to be more curl definition. Hope this helps!

  • Maria says:

    Everyone's hair looks hot! Stephanie, I'd love to know how you made those beautiful twist outs.

  • Anonymous says:

    Stephanie….u r my official hair idol. Luv the the Lustrousocity of the curls:) made my own word up for them(lmbo!)
    Naw..but they really look great!

  • Anonymous says:

    you all look fabulous!

  • Courtney says:

    Hi Curly nikki! You got me && Brittn44 names && pics mixed up My picture is the one by the tree thats says Brittn44 but Im actually Courtney from Miami! Lol!

  • msjakkia says:

    La'Shara has beautiful hair!!! I cannot wait to get that length. My question for her is if she uses color and what color and brand is it?

  • NappySince10/01/08 says:

    omg you all look great.

  • AuNaturaleBelle says:

    Nice hair ladies and nice shoes @Brittn44 I need to know where those shoes came from STAT =) If theres more of an obesssion for hair products/natural hair my first weakness is shoes.

  • Skeeta says:

    These are GREAT styles! Everyone looks so nice and its very inspiring. LOL @ the "pose" in front of the Christmas tree with the lips poked out– LUVS IT! ;o) Too cute.

  • salonblabbermouth says:

    All the styles looked great. I especially liked the “wash n go" puff and the "Fro Hawk". Happy Holidays!

  • LB says:

    I really like Stephanie's swirl curl. Cute! Like CP I have to do better too.

  • Conscious Parent says:

    Some really cute styles shown here. I will have to get a little more creative with my natural do in 2010. *note to self*

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