Hola Chicas,

I have THE most creative readers! Candace C., a soon to be CN.com feature from Canada writes:

I had an idea this morning as I was doing my hair. You should have a pj column, asking people to submit photos of their shelves, showers, drawers, wherever they keep their products, and have them list their favorites. It will probably soothe my guilt of pjism!

Cool, huh?! We’re gonna do just that! But of course I’m turning it into a giveaway to kick things off 🙂 So, the 20th curly to submit:

  • a pic or two of your PJ stash (closet, drawer, etc.)
  • a pic of you/your hair
  • a quick write up on your favs and/or a product recommendation. Be creative and helpful!

will win a free, unopened, full sized bottle of Carol’s Daughter Khoret Amen Hair Oil!!!

As always, send your submission to [email protected], and use PJ Closet as the subject line.

Later Gators,