What Are Your Hair Plans...

for the weekend?

I’m doing a henna treatment as we speak! My first one since October. I plan to DT and style tomorrow (a twist-out on wet hair, then a dry braid-out). Yesterday, I cut off a half an inch– my ends were super raggedy, probably due to neglect. Sad.

In 2010 I’m gonna be so on it… no more tomfoolery! I’ve really been playing my hair to the left for the past 6 or so months and I’m definitely seeing the effects. I hope to henna monthly, and DT bi-weekly in the new year.

Next week, I will finally reveal my new routine. It’s working well… saving me time and effort. Plus, the results are ridiculously predictable, and my hair is voluminous each time without much coaxing. It’s very similar to Amel’s routine… she’s actually my inspiration. I just swapped the coconut oil out for shea butter. Check it out and let me know what you think! I’m braiding dry y’all!!!!

What Are Your Hair Plans...
Later Gators,